Cassidy Rochow


I am nowhere near perfect, I have learned enough to know I don’t know that much. And I think that is what being an Up and Comer
encompasses... not having it all figured out. Being willing to fail and fail again. Trusting the Lord in all things to not only provide but to sustain. All in order to further his kingdom every day, in all that we do.

The Lord gave me a love for His creation and a desire to create. Whether it be designing and crafting drawings, taking and editing pictures, curating instagram feeds, etc. And for that I am eternally grateful, because it brought me to this show.

This show is something truly incredible - it shares a unique aspect of having two people, at different stages of life, come together and discuss their struggles, their victories, and their praise for our Creator. Cause at the end of the day we’re just a group of rambunctious millennials striving to own our temporary reality and make it everything we know it can be.

We hope you join us on our journey.

One of my favorite biblical stories is the creation of the world in Genesis. It's a story that always causes me to dwell and wonder at how a world, that holds so much physical beauty, could be created in six days.

As I was growing up, I knew the depth of the reality that was creation; I could see it, hold it, smell it, feel it all around me, jump inside and swim around in it. And as I got older, I tried to hold onto this world that I loved so much. Everything I did was to better myself and to further my personal kingdom. Then Christ, in His sovereignty, stopped me dead in my tracks and my life changed completely. From that point on I saw the world differently.

Because of this foundational love for Christ and his creation, I found myself wanting to be in it all the time. Whether that be swimming in the ocean no matter how cold the water was, or hiking through the sequoias under the brutal sun or comfortable rain - to be so aware of His creation and His love makes me that much more curious about a God who could design what I had held most dear.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to learn as much as I could about anything that seemed even remotely interesting. With being a driven person at such a young age, others expectations often fall short of my own reality.