Growing up I always had lofty goals and dreams, but my "rationalism" (or more accurately - my fear of failing to reach those goals) kept me from fully believing.  It wasn't until the past few years of playing professional golf that I started to understand this self-limiting belief. 

Through my travels for golf I have been able to connect with friends, new and old, all throughout the country and world.  Through these relationships I've learned that the struggles I face, the battles you face, the trials our friends face - they are all the same.  

So why does it have to be so hard?

My motivation in creating this show is to provide like-minded Up and Comers with a resource to encourage, inspire, motivate, and remind one another as we walk down this perilous path of discovery.  It can often feel like you are alone in this journey, but the reality is we all experience the struggle.  We mustn't lose heart, but take courage and persevere.  I want to assist you in this process as we walk this path together.




I'm a Kansas kid living in the land of opportunity - California.  I am pursuing a career in professional golf and have found a fascination in the field of optimizing human performance. 

I love learning, people, and anything involving risk.  Time is our most limited resource and I'm passionate about maximizing that time God has given us here on this earth. 

Great.  That description could fit thousands of people, so who am I at my core?

First and foremost, I'm a sinner saved by grace.  If you want to hear my full story, and the story of all of humanity, pick up and read the Bible - it contains God's very words for us to live by.

Secondly, I am an Up and Comer.  I know I haven't arrived, nor ever will fully arrive, but I am in constant pursuit of the best that I can do.  Whether that be in personal fitness, mental performance, golf skill development, or increasing knowledge through learning and experimenting - it all makes me stoked to see what is next in this journey called life. 


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