UAC 100 | 100th Up And Comers


This is the 100th episode of The Up and Comers Show. On the century mark episode, Thane Ringler and Adam Setser reflect on their favorite episodes throughout the years. They reminisce sweet memories as they talk about their most memorable and handpicked highlights from the show. They share how they became more in tune with themselves and attained aged wisdom through knowing not to need to be more than who they are. Thane and Adam talk about how the future looks like and discuss future topics possibly coming to the show.

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Reaching The Century Mark

Life is all about having intention in the tension, meaning life is filled with tensions that we get to live with intentionality in that tension. That lovely little phrase was coined by my dear brother and friend who’s joining me, Adam Setser.

What’s up?

Adam Setser is doing a multitasking of sorts that only he can. This is not advisable by any means, but he may or may not be pulling an RV right now.

We’re headed down to St. Augustine Beach with my family and we’re taking the camper and my brother is coming with his fifth wheel. When you talked about recording an episode, I’ve taken a week off of work and I didn’t have any time at all. I was burning the midnight oil at work, trying to get everything done and I said, “Let’s do it on the road. It’d be great.” The confidence I have in my multitasking is not tremendous. When I’m towing a camper, I don’t feel confident at all because I have an F-150 so that means that the camper outweighs my truck. When the wind gets going or semi-passes me, it’s an active experience.

It’s a little bit like driving a motorcycle, white knuckle, you got to combat the wind in every way, whereas when you’re driving a diesel truck or heavier truck, you’re dragging it through the air. It doesn’t matter what’s happening back there. I was on the assumption that it’s my lot in life. I got to grip it and rip it when I tow the camper. I did some research, I found that there are a few options to upgrade the rear end of your truck and one of them increases the stability, the rigidity left to right, diagonally so that you don’t have as much sway. It’s called Roadmaster Active Suspension. It’s for 150, 250 and 350 series trucks. It’s coil springs that go over your springs. It’s insane to think that all you do is put these coils on top of your release springs and all of a sudden it fixes everything but that’s what happens. Now I have to drive one hand and doing 70 when I used to do two hands at 65 max.

That simple solution has a lot of weight. For all of you who want to learn more, there may be a new podcast coming soon from Mr. A-bomb himself on the art of RV-ing. If you want to learn that, send him a shout out and it may give him a little more motivation to get that thing off the road.

We had this great idea, this name. My brother wants to be a part of this. He and his wife, we have great conversations around the camper in the campfire. We thought of the name RV There Yet, but it’s already taken. All of the RV puns are already taken. We’re trying to figure something out.

When you’re talking about recording on the road, it reminded me of another podcast we recorded on the road. I don’t remember what number it was, but it was pouring rain. We were in your car in Georgia somewhere, weren’t we?

We were in the Honda that got stolen. We were coming from Madison, Florida from Cherry Lake.

Fun story on the Honda that got stolen. It’s Adam’s wedding week. I go down there to celebrate with him and the first night, we wake up the next morning and Adam comes in my room and says, “I think my car got stolen.” That is something I will never forget. There are a lot of great memories and that’s what this episode is about because this is the 100th episode. This is the century mark and honestly, I didn’t know if we’d ever hit it. Thinking back on it, there were probably 3 or 4 different times throughout these years and 100 episodes where we had legitimate serious conversations about, are we going to keep doing this? It is a sacrifice. It takes a lot of time and it can feel futile at times.

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Like every responsibility in life, if it’s not absolutely necessary, it’s always going to be brought up to the surface and go, “Do I need to do this?”

Those are important questions that we all should be asking about more than a side passion project. It should be about a lot more of what we’re doing with our work, with our free time, with our relationships. That’s a great question for self-evaluation. One thing that I loved, even in reaching this mark and coming to this conversation with you is thinking about the ways that we’ve individually and also as a show progressed or developed over the years or 100 episodes. From your experience or even from your time recording in the mic, what would you say are some of the things that you’ve seen shift in your own life or even in yourself?

Faith and I were talking about how I and you have changed so much through the process too. When did we start? What year was it? Do you remember?

It was 2016.

In 2016, I was in my first year at work, the first full year. My life has changed tremendously, at least this probably doubled twice since then as far as the maturity, the responsibility. In 2016, I bought a house and had roommates. I was making $25,000 a year and making ends meet and single and doing whatever I want to do. Now here I am towing a camper with a wife. My responsibility level has gone up, but I’ve also had to pare things down. Back then I had my hands in 7 or 8 different things and now I’ve enjoyed the process of me committing more and deeper to those certain responsibilities.

One of the realizations I had of what adulthood means is accepting less breath in order to be good at what you’re called to do. We’re all called to be husbands or wives or parents. When you’re single, you’re figuring out where that’s all going to land. For me in the show, it walked me through that process. I’ve even backed out of the podcast slowly because of that and it’s been a slow process of me finding where all the dust settles and then realizing the 2 or 3 pockets that God wants me to dig into.

Especially when we take on responsibility, there’s always going to be more responsibility that others want us to take on because we can. We are proving that we’re able to take on responsibility and others are like, “Here’s some more responsibility. Do you want to take this on too?” They’re great things, but we can’t be Superman and we can’t try to do it all because then we limit what we’re doing with all of it. It’s a never-ending process for all of us. It is crazy to see all that’s changed in your life.

I was thinking the same for you, in 2016 you were still playing a full time professional and everything has changed since then.

That’s what’s cool too about looking back even on this show is having some time markers and some words or sound bites from each of our different stages of life over the last couple of years. Selfishly, it’s cool to have that even though I’m always ashamed. I’ve listened to it maybe once to go back and listen to that first episode.

That first episode, I would cringe if I would listen to that again.

UAC 100 | 100th Up And Comers

100th Up And Comers: God takes our success and our failures and redeems them all for His purposes, to bring us into the calling that He has for us.


My life is drastically different. I could never have imagined doing or being where I am now. That’s a cool testimony of how God works. He takes our successes and our failures and redeems them all for his purposes and to bring us into the calling that he has for us. One of the themes that had been prevalent in a lot of the conversations I’ve been having is the difference between anointing and appointing. Just because we feel called to something doesn’t mean that God’s appointed you to that service or that function yet.

There’s always a period of waiting in between discovering or discerning of that calling and actual use of that or fulfillment of that calling, our practice of that calling. It’s been cool to be through that process and in the midst of that process even with the show but also within my own career, my own pursuit of what God’s called me to. The cool thing is that it’s always less sexy and less glamorous and it doesn’t ever feel as cool as we think it will or as fulfilling as we think it will but it’s simple. It’s taking a step forward and keeping it in our lane with what we feel called to and not the other things that are also cool. How can we take one step today and tomorrow how can we take another step? Embracing that mundanity is the nature of life for all of us.

It would be fun to chat a little bit about the 100 episodes we’ve done. It’s probably been over a thousand hours of work and time put into it. It’s neat to be able to reach a milestone like that. I suck at celebrating wins, I wanted to take some time to celebrate that for us and for all you reading, it’s needed to celebrate that and that’s a sweet accomplishment. We’ve put together a special edition YouTube video, if you haven’t, go check out our YouTube channel. We’ve got twenty episodes on there and we also have this video. It’s a little bit of a run-through of prior guests and their answer to the question, what does being an up and comer mean to you? We talk about being an up and comer and the show is the Up and Comers show, what does that mean?

We get to hear from probably over twenty past guests and their thoughts and weighing in on that question. It’s a sweet tribute to reaching this milestone and they have a lot of awesome things to share, you’re going to want to tune into that. Thinking back on the guests in the show, Adam, what would you say are some of the people or conversations that impacted you? I’ve got a list of ones that I’ve been thinking through, but I’m curious which ones stood out in your mind or in your heart.

One of my top ones was Peter Peitz. I went back and listened to that one probably three times. I wish we could replicate it times a hundred and that would be an awesome show and cap it at that and walk off and drop the mic. There’s a lot of wisdom and I loved the age and the wisdom that age brings, it’s a unique wisdom. You can be young and wise and they say wise beyond your years, but nobody can replicate the age experience of that. We too often overlook elderly people as not being relevant, therefore not being able to help us and it’s the opposite, whether they know it or not as an elderly person.

Peter knows it and he realizes what he’s built, what he’s done with his life and what he’s prioritized to be where he is. There’s so many who don’t know that and that’s been my life agenda of late is to find a bunch of old men who I like and respect and try to convince them that they’re respect-worthy. A lot of the guys are like, “I’m not anything. I didn’t do much in my life. You don’t need to hear anything from me.” I’m like, “That’s not true. You could drive a truck. You could work with your hands. You could work with your brain. I don’t care, it’s going to be valuable and I want to hear about it.”

It’s true too even with books, we discredit books from the past that are even more valuable than the books now. It’s similar to even within generations wanting new and fresh and novel versus time-proven and aged wisdom. It’s funny how we all do that. We are going to be trying to get him on for round two so stay tuned. That was one of my favorites. One of the earlier ones I enjoyed was Taylor Reynolds. He showed us a picture of what the life of the mind looks like for a Christian intellectual in many ways, even a young Christian intellectual. I also loved Rick Dempsey who displayed and showed how important character and integrity is in both career and in life. He’s got an amazing story and we were able to even hear some of his stories that he had never told anyone before which is cool.

Chandler Mann was fun, talking about singleness and being real and honest about what you face especially as a female. I remember Shannon Hurley was good too on what it looks like to give it all for Christ and go hard. If anyone goes hard, he goes hard. Barry was a fun episode, I thought that was a good example of striving for healthy and helpful conversations around race and the church entail. I thought that was a cool episode. Jon Robert was also a fun one and that was the last one that you were a part of together in doing the interviews. I thought he did a great job of showing the power of language and how it affects the way we make decisions and actions and also living with curiosity, why it’s important to do that.

Shifting halfway through with Cody Burkhart was when I started doing most of the interviews on my own. Cody is still one of our most downloaded episodes and one of my favorite selfishly because he was my trainer for a while. He showed the value of experimenting and the depth that everything can have. He’s has a fascinating mind. I also love Josh Thompson who’s my pastor and I thought he did an awesome job of showing how a humble a leader is always refined through trials and hardship and that’s usually what God uses.

Brit Gilmore was great, I thought she did a great job of showing how there’s going to be times for all of us where we’re not all right, we’re not okay and that’s okay. She’s the president of The Giving Keys and even she had some dark times and some deep struggles with depression and that’s a cool picture for all of us to see. Natasha Ward was also another awesome lady who got to show the resilience that comes from living between two different cultures, being raised in that and being in the middle on the fence. It helps her strive to be counter-cultural with her current work as a model and actress now.

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Tyler Wilson was awesome talking about the adventure of entrepreneurship and also not being “normal” dealing with being a full-on dyslexic growing up and the obstacles that he faced. Overcoming those and creating an amazing career. Brian Larrabee was also great, showing the power that comes from showing up in life. The mentorship program that he started that I’ve been involved with has been cool work.

The last couple of would be, Allison Trowbridge. I found a kindred spirit in her. She was awesome and talks about the importance of childlike wonder in life, I thought she did a beautiful job of talking about that. The career path that she’s been on is fascinating. Also, Kait Warman, a good friend of mine also. I thought she a good job of shedding some powerful light on the murky space that relationships can often be and that’s her sweet spot anyways. There are a lot of highlights. Those are some that came to my mind when I was thinking through it and reflecting. It’s neat to have had these conversations with a wide range of people. It’s a wide spectrum of different types of people, different ages, different backgrounds. It’s been diverse.

That’s one thing we’ve talked about before as well, Faith and I. Peter is retired and successful towards the end of his life in the 8th or 9th inning, and reflecting back and teaching. You’ve got most of our people who are still in the growth phase up and coming. You’ve got some who are fighting for their lives and some who lose that battle. It’s incredibly rewarding to think about that group of people and be able to have learned from them and heard from them at different phases, especially those who I don’t have as much in common with, whether that be like Lizzie. I don’t know what she was going through. I was thankful we were able to interview her at the time we were and other people who we interviewed who even after we interviewed them, they went a completely different direction. It’s amazing to watch all of that pan out.

We all fall under the guise that when you hear someone that’s who they are but it’s only a snapshot of who they are at a current place in time. As much as you and I, when we recorded the first episode, I hope that people understand that we’re a lot different people now and that’s what life happens. We’ve had several people on our podcast, their lives have gone a different direction than when we had talked to them and for better or worse, it’s different. It’s interesting to see that play out. It’s a helpful thing even for me to see that life is dynamic, it’s happening and it’s moving. The experiences in our lives are what shape us but also our decisions and actions that we make. The cool thing about what you were saying earlier is God’s providence and all that.

One of the cool things about that is when you’ve got someone sitting across from you talking you have zero guarantees that what they’re saying is who they are. We can have perfect mental pictures of ourselves in our own mind, when in reality, if we were objective enough to see our self, we’d realize that we’re deep down not even close to that or maybe a shade off or completely opposite. It’s amazing how we can be divided.

There’s the example of people give of Hitler in one day ordering the death of millions of people and then that night going home and loving his grandchild. He’s able to see the value of life in one instance but not in the other. He’s able to hold that because of this hypocrisy that he has built up for himself about not all human life is equal. Since he has convinced himself that that’s true, then he can live in this false world and that is what we do time and time again.

Everyone who we interview has some of that going on where we have our mental vision of ourselves in our world but then there’s the actual world we live in and our reality of who we are. What we hope is it rhymes up that we’re real about ourselves and we are who we say we are. I’ve seen a couple of instances in the show where we interviewed someone and they had an eloquent and beautiful interview and then I either know them behind the scenes or we see something pan out in their life or we find things out about them that we’re like, “That’s interesting.” We were on fire and excited for them and it’s almost like we’re let down.

That’s one of the things I’ve learned too, people are people and every time I feel let down by them, I feel I’m the one that’s been foolish, not them. What’s been inspiring to me is to approach all of my life in that way to say, “People are dynamic. Life is dynamic. The only thing that’s constant is God.” With that in mind, approach every moment of every relationship as if it is a moment in time where God is able to speak through that person. Whatever you hear through them that is constant like God, take it and run with it and love it, take it for what it is.

Have it with an open hand and not bring to it unwarranted or unneeded expectations. That’s a huge part of it. I love what you’re saying too because we’ve experienced that with ourselves as well. I remember early on especially in the first 20 to 30 maybe even more episodes, the gap for me was much wider and speaking into a mic. It’s like I’m putting on an air of more than I am to feel enough for this show.

Over the 100 episodes, that gap has narrowed and hopefully, it’s much more accurate, much more in line with like, “This is who I am. I’m not trying to be more than I am.” We all struggle with that. A mic exposes that because you get this sense of greater than you are important, which isn’t true. Nothing changes just because there’s a microphone in front of you and we shouldn’t act like that. It’s been interesting even seeing myself over these 100 episodes go through that process of understanding that more from the experience of it. When I hear myself, I’m like, “That isn’t or that is who you are.” It’s cool to see that lineup.

UAC 100 | 100th Up And Comers

100th Up And Comers: The wisdom that age brings is a unique wisdom. You can be young and wise but nobody can really replicate the age experience.


One of those books on the subconscious which is Strangers to Ourselves. He talks about that mental health is when our subconscious reality is dictating our lives. How we act in the way our lives look lineup with who we think we are with our conscious mind. When our subconscious and our conscious mind become aligned then we’re living with integrity and we’re a healthy human. We get in trouble when they don’t line up.

It speaks to the importance of being real and honest with where you are and allowing that to show, which is always the scarier path because it’s the path of vulnerability. We all have to fight for that. It’s cool to see different guests on different places in that spectrum. It’s easier because we’ve been going through that process. People come and sit in front of a mic for the first time and you see a picture. I think that comes with age. That’s one of those things too. Peter Peitz is an example. He’s not trying to be more than he is. He is 100% Peter Peitz.

Let’s update everybody about the future and how things have changed for you and Oksanna and the team and then me.

The last thing to touch on, another note of gratitude is on Lizzie. By far, that’s the episode I’ve listened to the most. I probably listened to it 3 or 4 times. I can’t say enough how incredibly grateful I am to have had the chance to talk with her and share that with everyone. I never could have imagined having someone pass away that we’ve talked to. This being a momentum or a reminder of her and her life in an audible form. I’m grateful to God that we got to share that. Whenever I listened to it, I am encouraged and reminded and honestly taught once again from her that life is a gift and that we need to be grateful for all parts of the gift of life.

It was humbling.

If you haven’t listened to that, you must go listen to Lizzie. It was a real treat. Reaching a 100th episode, we wanted to have another reconvening of minds and see what are we doing? Where are we going? What does the future look like for the show? It’s been cool having Oksanna be a part as a socializer. She’s doing the post-production and marketing side, which has been a huge blessing, but even things in her life are shifting and moving.

We always have to be holding the show and what we’re doing with an open hand. With that being said, I’m excited about this next season ahead. One of the fun things that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to start doing supportship. What supportship is a sponsorship. We are sponsoring other nonprofits or businesses that are striving to do good in the world and make an impact for positive change for human flourishing and for furthering God’s kingdom, whatever that looks like.

We’re going to be launching that with the next episode and you’ll get to learn about some of these awesome companies. We’re excited to spread awareness for that and use this platform for good. That’s one thing that we’re excited about. We are going to be keeping up the weekly episodes, be stoked about that. We are going to be making some slight shifts and one of them is with your involvement in the show, Adam. This has been an ongoing discussion because it is your fifth or sixth thing on your plate. You talked about not wanting to have seven things on your plate which when you were saying that, you still do. The focus is different. Share a little bit about what you’re thinking through or what your thought process is.

I’m sure nobody is deeply interested in this. I’ll make it more general and universal. My thought process is that when we started this show, we were both full-time learners and adapters. I love spending as much time as I could, thinking, reading, talking to people about how to best do X, Y, Z or change this or move that and shake this. It’s stirring up dust as fast as I could to see what would settle and how would land in that and where I should work in and stuff like that. Now, it’s the opposite. People are now stirring up dust for me and asking me to get involved and telling me to do stuff or asking me to be in their business club. It’s constant.

Church will work you to death, you put that in with business and you got one-two punch. I’ve talked to Wes too. He and I both are at a similar place in life where we know when the skids are greased, we know our future if that’s what we want to do and it’s a matter of doing it. I definitely value people’s input in my life, but the majority of where I spend my time is me pouring out to other people. I’m going and getting clients and helping them with their finances.

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I spend the vast majority of my time thinking about other people, which is great. Honestly, that is one of the common graces of God is that work forces you to think about other people. If your work doesn’t do that then that’s one of the things that you need to work on elsewhere. When I learn it’s a byproduct of me helping my clients and then it continues in that direction. Long story short, I realized that a house divided can’t stand and that a man who serves two masters isn’t serving either one.

I need to serve God first and foremost through everything I do and that means giving him my best. Paul’s phrase of glorifying God, no matter what you do whether you eat or drink, sets the bar extremely high to delve deep into what you’re doing. My life has changed to where my first priority is work and helping God build his kingdom. I’m participating with God. He’d get all Christian businessy about that. It’s like any other pursuit, the more I invest my time and energy into that, the more will come out of it.

This is a certain stage of my life where as a young businessman, my entire goal is to build a business so that I can hire other people under me and benefit them, benefit our community, and that would be my life’s work. Everything that happens because of that is the outflow of that. I start a podcast because I love to talk about campers or write a book because I love talking about oranges or whatever it is that we do with our time happens as an overflow of your main mission.

To sum it up, my main mission is being clarified to me. It’s like, “What am I overflowing?” It doesn’t look like this podcast anymore for me and it doesn’t look like me writing every day. There’s a lot of things that have changed. The core is still there. I’ll always be around. I’m still the co-founder and I still want to be a part. When you find your mission, everything should overflow from that. Whatever point that you feel duty-bound to keep doing something, it’s a parallel or even perpendicular thing. No matter how good it is or how much you want to do it, it is bad for you. That’s hard and we can talk about that more, but that’s the big picture.

Part of the struggle with this is sunk cost fallacy. The fallacy that we’ve put so much time and effort into something that we can’t quit it because there’s a sunk cost that’s insurmountable. That’s never true and that’s often the thing that keeps us from dropping things. This is not a drop, this is a shift and it’s a different shift. It’s great to hear your process. It’s growth. For me, my calling has shifted into being a voice. This is a specific function that helps fulfill that and it is much in line with where God has called and placed me and it makes perfect sense. For you, it’s a much different calling and a much different place in that. We still get to be partners in that, just in a different way.

When you get me on the show, you better be talking about RVs.

We are not going to be talking about RVs. We’re not going to have an RV-isode, don’t worry. We’re going to do touch bases. Me and Adam, we’re still going to do at least an episode a quarter. We’re probably going to do quarterly touch bases and we’re going to put more effort and intention into those to make them count. The reason why I love having Adam be a part of the show, regardless of how big or small is because we get to talk about these ideas and concepts from two drastically different perspectives. Adam is one of my closest friends. When I get down to the heart, spiritual, and even mindset level, we’re parallel and brothers in that.

He’s one of my closest friends and yet at the same time the worldviews and perspectives that we live in and operate from are different and that’s such a blessing. That’s why it’s valuable to have you be a part of the show regardless of how big and small it is. Because that dichotomy that reveals this beautiful similarity underneath this difference is helpful. We don’t get that enough in life, especially within our cultural climate that we find ourselves in is such a useful thing. I’m excited to keep having those conversations with you. It’ll be a little bit less frequent but it’s been a blast. I couldn’t imagine reaching this 100th-century mark episode without you by my side and without your help. Thanks for all you do, brother.

I appreciate it and I’m glad to be here. It’s been a huge benefit. If anyone’s out there is bummed at me not being as much of a part anymore and stuff like that, I don’t know if you’re out there but if you are, shout out. I’m going to blame this on my coach because my personal business coach is the reason I’m quitting.

It’s called growth. That’s what it’s all about. The proof is in the pudding.

UAC 100 | 100th Up And Comers

100th Up And Comers: Approach every moment of every relationship as if it is just a moment in time where God is able to speak through that person.


If you need a personal coach out there, hit up

I did not pay Adam for that shout out, but I’ll take it.

It’s been huge. That’s for another show. Maybe we can do an interview on Adam’s benefits from Thane as his coach and everyone will look at it and go, “Isn’t that cute? The two friends, one is coaching the other.” They won’t have any credibility. I can wave my arms as big as I can and still not get anybody’s attention any more than me saying that it was a life-changing experience.

You’re kind my friend, I appreciate it. It was a joy getting those deep dives every week. I’m going to miss that. We’re still going to be chatting every week, that’s what bros do. Go to the YouTube and watch the special edition video. It’s worth to see. Adam is on there and a bunch of awesome people sharing their thoughts. Until next time, we hope you have an up and coming week.

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