UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


Yet another year has nearly passed, so what better time to do a self-evaluation than the present. Remembering your year gives you an opportunity to see what worked for you and what didn’t. Host Thane Marcus Ringler teaches on how best to look back at your year to maximize the potential for growth in the next. Each of the twelve months of a year is an opportunity for growth, and you have to be able to look back and see where it went right. The annual tradition is a gift to humanity in that it forces us to be reflective – a time of endless possibility and opportunity that can also lead to so much growth.

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Endings And New Beginnings

This is all about learning how to live a good life. We do that unpacking what it means to live with intention in the tension, which our catchy mantra that I think does a good job of talking about the daily experience of life. There are tensions that we live in and the best way to live in the midst of those without picking sides or going to the black and white, the dualistic thinking is to live with intention, intentionality. That is what we unpack each and every week through sharing the experiences of others and of ourselves on this journey called life. If you wanted to help us out, we need your support and there are three easy ways to do it.

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UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


I wanted to share a few thoughts as we wrap up 2019 and we look forward to 2020. I title this Endings and New Beginnings just because that’s what each year is. Each year we get the blessing of a reset. It is the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. This annual tradition is I believe such a gift to humanity in that it forces us to be reflective, to look back on what transpired, the lesson learned from the past year, while also looking forward to the hopes, dreams, goals, and desires of the year that awaits. It’s a time of endless possibility and opportunity to. I believe that this time is crucial to us living and leaning into our full potential. It is a rhythm that we all would do well to utilize. I want to share some ideas on what this may look like by sharing what I’m planning to practice myself. You can take it as a list of suggestions and I’d encourage you to pick and choose the questions or journal topics that resonate with you the most. Because this is less about achieving something and is much more about sitting with what is and adequately processing what’s transpired and what’s ahead.

That’s a little bit of what we’re going to do. First, I’d love to get a recap of this year on The Up and Comers Show and mention a few highlights from the year. We did have 47 this year, which has sweet accomplishment. We’re up to 127 with this one. The most read one of the year was 103 with Gabe Conte. If you haven’t checked that one out, it’s definitely worth reading. He’s an inspirational young man, creative dude and awesome guy. He’s a good friend of mine. The runner up was Kait Warman, another good friend, on number 96. Those are both stellar interviews and worth a read if you haven’t. A couple of other conversations that stood out to me. I loved the interview with Allison Trowbridge, number 88. It was an awesome connection with a fellow author and kindred spirit in many ways.

UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


Chad Masters was a fun fellowship interview, number 99. It was a good bro talk, talking about life and different creative pursuits. Nate Neven also was a great fellowship, number 105. I loved his perspective on expectations versus reality and going into a career and what he had hoped and then experiencing the reality and how experience always informs our ideas about our thing and also wisdom around that thing. That was a helpful conversation. Kara Elise in number 112, we also were synced on a lot of things, engaging interview. She has a fascinating story. Houston Kraft is an amazing speaker in number 114. It was a special time. He had been a sweet speaking mentor to me and I appreciate his heart and that was a fascinating interview.

Lanny Hunter, number 117. 83-year-old Lanny Hunter had some amazing perspectives and so much of a treat to have someone of his age, wisdom, accomplishments and experience on the podcast that was special to me, and still is one of my favorites of all time. Kenishaa Francis in number 121 has a heart-tugging story that is an amazing story of resilience in the midst of a lot of hardship. Charlotte Cramer, number 123 was about fellowship, which we got to dive into a lot of the science and cognitive psychology, which is her field and something that I’m also interested in. That was such a fun conversation. Number 124 has to be one of my favorites of all time as well. It was the second interview with Peter Peitz, my grandfather who’s 82 and that was incredible. I feel blessed to be able to record some pieces of him and share them with you. It made me happy. Please take a look at that one for sure.

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Definitely doing the solo ones has been a lot of fun too for me. Unpacking ideas, sharing things I’m thinking about and learning and trying to empower and encourage others with that. Self-awareness and the process of developing self-awareness in number 89 was a framework that I think can be powerful for people and has been for me even. This whole process of ending and beginning is a great tool in that self-awareness practice. Talking about rest, number 97 and the importance of a Sabbath and how that’s been a game-changer for me in my life. That’s definitely been one of the most important things that I’ve incorporated.

Number 107 talked about the two core emotions in life. This is another game-changing concept that my grandfather Peter Peitz first introduced me to. It’s the two core emotions of fear and love and everything flows from those two. It’s astounding. Definitely check that one out. Number 110 was all about powerful choices and how powerful change comes from powerful choices. It’s something that I get to talk about with high school students around the country through Character Strong and it’s a concept that I think can unlock our ability to see the small daily interactions as important choices. That can be powerful and they can create a lasting impact on people. That is a rundown of some of my favorites, but there are a lot of great interviews and conversations. Definitely check that out.

UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


I forgot to mention this, but we are going to have a two-week hiatus with holidays. There are 127 now that you get to check out. If you haven’t, which I’m sure there’s a few you missed, definitely go back. Another highlight was having a teammate come and go. We had Oksanna Shulgach. She came on as a socializer. I had such a fun time having her help support the Up and Comers community and what a gift that was. Shout out to Osi. That was a great time. Another highlight is that we began partnerships. We started partnering with companies to support them as they support us. We have had I think half-a-dozen already. We’ve partnered with Compassion International. We partnered with The Giving Keys. We partnered with Fyt and all those companies are amazing causes and you can check them out on our website,, on the homepage near the bottom.

We also started support ship ads, which are companies that we support with raising awareness. Some of those were Saving Innocence, Good City Mentors and They are all amazing companies are trying to make a great impact on the world and the community. It’s worth checking out the work that they’re doing. That’s a little bit of a look back. I’m excited for the year ahead and the continued growth both personally and as a community, as up and comers. There’s so much that happens in a year and having these are a great way to document even my own growth.

UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


I know I’m a little bit ashamed to look back on the early ones because of the amount of growth that I’ve experienced personally, the shift in my own perspectives and views, and also the skill that I’ve developed in interviewing have made a world of difference. It is a wild thing to experience. Talking about Christmas time and New Year’s, I think one of the beauties of this time is that it creates endings and new beginnings each year. Similar to the concept of the Sabbath, which is a weekly form of rest, detachment, adding perspective, adding a time of reflection. I think the end of the year provides a great space to do that same practice on a much more macro level, a bigger perspective and a bigger picture of that same practice that hopefully we can practice every week.

I think the end of the year is such a crucial time and the beginning of the year is such a crucial time for us becoming and being healthy humans. One of my favorites with this end of year and start of the year is something my sister, Court Roberts, got me onto called word of the year, having a word of the year. I believe we talked about this. Having a word of the year is a great way to come into a year with a theme or a topic or an idea front of mind and then carry that word with you throughout the year to see how it shifts and changes and the different nuances that a whole year brings to even a single word. It’s small enough to be able to take with you and remember throughout the year, but it’s also broad enough that it can be applied in many different ways.

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My word of the year was open and it had many different layers of meaning and nuance to it. From opening up myself to emotions, to love, to different feelings, being more human and not as much of a robot and to opening up the floodgate of possibilities as I strive to build upon what’s the foundation that’s been laid. Even opening up the floodgates to growth and change, that has definitely been a part of it. Even opening up my mind to be more open-minded, to be more curious, to be more interested in new things and new perspectives. All of those have been definitely present and highlighted.

I wanted to give some suggestions on things that you could incorporate at your end of year and beginning of year practice. One of those great things to incorporate is a word of the year. If you haven’t developed or how to word of the year before, I would encourage you to take some time, sit with it for a few days, maybe a week, and see what word God may bring. What word would be important for you to hold onto and carry with you for the year ahead? For the end of the year, here are some suggestions that I have that I’m also going to incorporate in my own life. For ending the year well, what is a good practice for ending the year well? The first one is evaluating your word of the year. If you’ve done one and seeing how it shifted throughout the year and the nuance that it brought. I’m excited to sit with a journal and be with that word and all that transpired and see all the different layers that were unpacked throughout the year with the word open for me.

UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


Another great practice that I love is remembering the year. Working through the highlights from the year, sitting down to journal and jotting down, maybe even sitting with a calendar so you can remember, or go through your photos. That’s a great way. Go through your photos on your phone to see the highlights from the year and the things that were memorable, special, and important that captivated your mind or your attention and jotting them down and recognizing them. I think it’s also along with that important to work through and remember the low lights, the times that were especially hard, the seasons where you were in a valley and it was a struggle. I think that both the highs and the lows, it’s to be able to recognize, to remember, to recall. Also, remembering the things that you learned from both of those is such a helpful practice at the end of the year.

I came up with some good questions that I will be considering and I encourage you to consider. There’s going to be quite a few. I would pick several. Pick 1 or 2 or 3 questions that hit with you and sit with those this time of year to reflect and flesh out what transpired. Here are some of the questions that I’m going to be considering. What areas did you grow most in? What new skill or strength did you develop or improve? What has been the most persistent struggle for you? What are you proud of? What are you disappointed in? Where did you make an impact? What new habit or belief has most positively impacted you or your life? How was your life different one year ago? What are some things that used to intimidate you but don’t anymore? What changed?

UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


Finally, probably the hardest question is where in your life are you not maintaining integrity? That’s more of a current picture. You’re not being the person who you say you are or want to be. Those are some questions to take with you to sit down with, to journal about, to reflect on as you close out the year. As we look to new beginnings, I think it’s helpful to think through and pray through a new word of the year. That is a much easier, more attainable practice than New Year’s resolutions, which are commonly prescribed. Thinking through and praying through a new word of the year is a great start.

I also think about revisiting goals from last year to see how you did and then creating new goals for this year: financial, relational physical, spiritual, emotional. There are a lot of different subsets of goals we can create, but it’s sitting down and casting that vision for the year to come. Along with that, I love mapping out a 5-year, a 3-year and the 1-year goals that go with that. You can even break down the stepping stones to get there even to the one-year goals. It’s a great practice to get your mind around these things.

UAC 127 | Remembering Your Year


There are some other questions I like asking. What is one skill or strength I would like to develop this year? What impact do I want to make this year? Another one that’s fun is less, more and none. What do you want to do less often, more often and not at all? What one small change can I make that if I made it would change everything else? Meaning what’s the force multiplier in my life? What does that one change? Another fun one is what the most absurd thing I can do this year is? What are the most likely sources of pain in my life over the next year? How can I prepare for or prevent them? What is one thing you can remove from your life that would improve it? What is the most neglected important area in my life? Finally, on a macro scale, what should you do more of this decade? What should you do less of? It is the beginning of a new decade and I am excited about the year to come. It’s been such a sweet ride and there are many things to be grateful for. I’m especially grateful for all of you reading and for this community that God has brought about.

It’s been 127 episodes and something that I never imagined doing, but I am grateful. Working through the process of growth and hopefully sharing with you in that process. We are all on that journey in life. We are all up and coming and in the process of becoming. It’s such a joy to do it with each other. It’s a hard journey that it’s not well-traveled alone. We must have each other and that’s the heart, the purpose and the intention around this show. Thank you for making it possible, for being a part of it. If there’s anything that you’d like to suggest for the next year, any questions you have, any ideas, any people that you’d like for us to talk to or even questions for Adam or for me, let us know at We always love hearing from you. We appreciate your support. I hope you have the most blessed and merriest of Christmases ever and that the New Year is as promising as I know it can be. I hope that you take the time to reflect and close the year. I hope that you take the time to sit with the possibility of 2020 and what may come. Thank you for being a part of this community.

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