“Your vocation should be where your greatest joy equals the worlds greatest need.”

Adam’s topics

  1. Information overload (update)
    1. Biases (example: confirm bias) shape the way i look for information, so I’m disciplining myself on what I even look for.
    2. http://nymag.com/selectall/2016/09/andrew-sullivan-technology-almost-killed-me.html
  2. Purpose driven life by Rick Warren.
    1. Goals aren’t things you should be able to do without God. There is a goal to life for humanity (telos) set up by the creator.

Thane’s Topics

  1. The Decision
    1. Factors at play; gut instinct and why it’s hard to trust; why I was relieved the evening after making the decision and am not looking back.
  2. Sleep – Importance of, why it’s becoming a fad, and does that make it a bad thing?
    1. https://theringer.com/how-much-is-your-sleep-worth-1b311d0d6ea4#.rcaqxfu3l
    2. The Power of Full Engagement
      1. p.12 – cultural view of recovery
      2. p.31 – ultradian rhythms (could be big help)
      3. p.37 – a world hostile to rest