BC Serna has spent the last 10 years traveling the world sharing stories of good and highlighting non profit organizations through film and social media. He’s also worked closely with high school organizations teaching students how to become heart led leaders in their communities. He spent 5 years as a younglife leader in Denver Colorado.

In this interview, BC shares about the experiences of 10 years spent traveling the world along with the tradeoffs that come with it. He dives into why it’s so important to move from passion to purpose, and why life is centered around authentic relationships and community. He gives perspective on storytelling and film, as well as the unique ways his personality influences his decisions and the life he has lived.

Show Notes

Young Life
Up With People
Interview with Ethan Renoe
The 4-Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss
From Here to There – Thane Marcus Ringler
Love Does – Bob Goff
The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell
Strangers To Ourselves – Timothy D. Wilson
The Righteous Mind – Jonathan Haidt
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
The Heart-Led Leader – Tommy Spaulding
I AM – Documentary by Tom Shadyac
Finding Joe – Documentary

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“I think God pulls us from our [Enneagram] numbers in cool ways.”  – BC Serna

“We crave for security and identity, but it also numbs us.”  – BC Serna

“We need to be okay with stillness and we need to be confident in it.”  – BC Serna

“Novelty is like a drug a lot of the times.”  – Thane Ringler

“You always have to see your intention – what’s your intention in it?”  – BC Serna

“If you have a passport and you’ve been to one other country, you’re literally in 0.1% of the world.”  – BC Serna

“The opposite of faith is sight.”  – BC Serna

“We thrive in community, we thrive with roots, and we thrive with people.”  – BC Serna

“We’re all trying to earn love, we’re all trying to be loved, and we’re all trying to be interesting, and we think if we’re more valuable we’ll be loved by more people.”  – BC Serna

“At the end of the day ‘love’ and ‘like’ are very different, and it is much better to be loved deeply by few than liked widely by many.”  – BC Serna

“Being liked by many will make us seen, but being loved deeply will make us feel heard.”  – BC Serna

“I want to create a culture of angel-advocates, encouraging the hell out of people.”  – BC Serna

“What makes a good story is: simplicity.”  – BC Serna

“I found my freedom in who I am – and separation from my identity, I found my confidence when I helped people more than helping myself.”  – BC Serna

“Our world is so transactional. I think love is transformational.”  – BC Serna

“Our worst drug in America is apathy. For me, I want to turn apathy to empathy.”  – BC Serna

“It’s supposed to be tough.”  – BC Serna

“Safety, security, and comfort – that never produces the people that God wants us to be.”  – Thane Ringler

“Own your story, own your God-gifts, own your breath.”  – BC Serna

“Don’t put a mask on today.”  – BC Serna


5:30 – Memories / Dancing
9:30 – Playing Basketball
13:00 – Playfulness / Being Childlike
21:30 – Running From vs. To (Fear vs. Vision)
25:00 – 10 Years of Travel
32:00 – Powerful Cultural Experiences
34:00 – Lasting Impact from Past 10 Years
36:00 – Transition from Global to Local Ministry
40:30 – Impact of Local / Inner-City Work
42:00 – Downsides / Tradeoffs of Travel
43:30 – Creating Community
47:00 – Championing / Believing in Others
50:30 – Film / Shooting Video
54:30 – What Makes BC Come Alive
57:30 – Marrying Dreams vs. Reality
1:01:00 – Storytelling
1:06:30 – From Passion to Purpose
1:10:00 – Unique Challenges Today
1:14:00 – Most Common Self-Talk
1:15:30 – Biggest Need In The World
1:19:30 – Lowest / Darkest Season in BC’s Life
1:26:00 – Advice He Would Give to 20 year old Self / 40 year old Self
1:28:30 – Class BC Would Teach
1:29:00 – When BC Is Most Himself
1:29:30 – Belief BC Wishes Every Else Believed To Be True
1:30:00 – BC’s Guilty Pleasure
1:30:30 – Cornerstone Habits
1:31:30 – Books with Biggest Impact
1:32:30 – Morning Text Reminder