Barry Moore is a friend of Thane and Adam’s from The Master’s University, where they all attended college. In this episode, they talk through Barry’s early lessons from marriage, his “word of the year”, wisdom in seeking counsel, commitment, and much more.

During the final segment of the conversation, the three share their opinions and views on the state of affairs regarding Race in America. This will be an on-going discussion, but it will at least give you some food for thought for you to chew on now.


“I want to build into my life things that are going to last.”  – Barry Moore

“The thing that I do is prioritize the voices instead of the tasks.”  – Barry Moore

“It’s hard to convince someone that they should be committed to something that they don’t have an innate or convinced desire of themselves.”  – Barry Moore

“That is the question of ministry: how do you get someone from a ‘2′ to a ’10′? How do you get them to see the gospel and their eternal salvation and destiny as a ’10’?”  – Adam Setser

“You can’t ascribe value onto someone.”  – Adam Setser

“Commitment really is the word that lies between tenacity and sustainability. When you marry those two you get commitment.”  – Thane Ringler

“God rewards faithfulness, and faithfulness is being committed to where He has you.”  – Thane Ringler

“There’s no social system that actually can fix a racial problem, it literally is only the gospel of Jesus Christ that can change a racist heart, because racism is a heart issue.”  – Barry Moore

“Whether it be culturally, or denominational – I think for us to encapsulate God into one denomination or one culture is foolish. I think that God is made that much more glorious by the many expressions of the church within different cultures and within different denominations.”  – Thane Ringler

Show Notes:

Jen Wilkin on “How Your Quiet Time Should Change You”
All Things Work Together – Lecrae’s New Album
Truth’s Table Interview with Lecrae
John Piper’s Response to Lecrae
Mark Charles Speech at Calvin College
Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates



1:30 – Background/Context
4:00 – Early Lessons From Marriage
19:45 – Sustainability
23:30 – Determining Priorities and Seeking Counsel
33:00 – Commitment vs. Comfortability
40:45 – Hebrew Flows
43:00 – Lecrae’s New Album
48:45 – Race in America