Answer to email question: “What are practical ways for Type-B people to ‘cultivate’ that habit of self-discipline?”

  1. Discipline trumps motivation (and especially if you’re NOT type A)
    1. Hebrews 12:3-13
  2. Thus it comes down to creating the structures for success, and here are some helpful ways to do that:
    1. Start by journaling – figure out the things you know you need to do but aren’t yet doing
    2. And then, as Jocko poignantly stated – DO THE WORK!
    3. Finally, publicly communicate it in some way (accountability partners, talk to a mentor about it, talk with friends you see a lot about what you’re trying to do, etc. etc.) – helps us follow through because we all long to be consistent with what we say
    4. Then craft a game plan for overcoming those obstacles
    5. Think through/brainstorm what the obstacles are that are hindering success
  3. At the end of the day, you are what you tell yourself you are.  Meaning, we largely operate on the narrative that we are telling ourselves (if you say you aren’t a motivated person, you won’t be motivated).  You won’t wake up one day and suddenly be motivated or disciplined, but, as you work on convincing your own mind of a new truth, you will slowly but surely creative a mindset of motivation, discipline, and a greater belief in your own capabilities! 
    1. Can use golf as an example (the yips or any other mental block)

Adam’s Topics

  1. Find your why.
    1. The glory of God is what we are pursuing: to see it, to participate in it, and to compete for more of it.
  2. The Wealth Principle by Randy Alcorn review
    1. Reasons Spurgeon Died Poor
  3. Is voting for Trump Idolatry?
    1. Speak Truth to Trump, Christianity Today.

Thane’s Topics:

  1. Update on selfishness and what habits I have been working on forming
    1. “Priming” (pre-engagement mental reminder) and re-routing (conversations)
  2. The return to California and what problems/challenges that present.
    1. Time is huge
    2. PRIORITIZATION – Harry Walls message from Thursday night 
      1. “Glass, Rubber, and Metal” example from Yahoo CEO
      2. Products of poor priorities:
        1. Frustrations
        2. Confusions
        3. No spiritual connection
      3. “Busyness is the enemy of the soul” // “Busyness is the consequence of not saying enough ‘No’s.’”
    3. FOMO is much more rampant