This episode is a lively and entertaining conversation between Thane and Adam with their newest Teammate – Cassidy Rochow.

In the episode, the three discuss Cassidy’s background, sharing the context for who she is and how God has shaped her life thus far. They talk about her strengths and unique gifted-ness, along with her successes and failures along the way. Through it all, many laughs are shared by all, as you will surely experience yourself when listening.

From faithfulness, to learning, to child-like wonder and awe, this is a wide-ranging conversation you don’t want to miss.


“How could something [like the human body] that has such an intricate design and such a beautiful display be disregarded as something that could just happen, without a Creator?”  – Cassidy Rochow

“Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, and it’s not something that’s immediately taken, it’s something that is given in time as you commune with God more and more closely.”  – Adam Setser

“Life’s a series of butt-whoopings.”  – Thane Ringler

“The only way you can live a life of striving and do it successfully, is if your faith is in the right place.”  – Thane Ringler

“God paces us for what He wants for us. His timing is best.”  – Thane Ringler

“You know Boys to Men – that’s what this show is all about!”  – Adam Setser

“I hope to continue to explore not only myself but the world with that child-like awe and abandonment, and seeing where He intends for me to go.”  – Cassidy Rochow

“Make your bed.”  – Cassidy Rochow

Show Notes:

Meet Cassidy – The Socializer
Taylor Reynolds Interview
Barry Moore’s Broisode
The Backstreet Men – The Onion
Father-Daughter Beat-box Video

Cassidy’s Instagram
The Up & Comers Show Instagram

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1:45 – Instagram Live @ 5
4:15 – Fruiterer
7:30 – Cassidy’s Background
12:45 – Pivotal Moments in Cassidy’s Life
27:30 – How Cassidy Came to The Up & Comers Show
36:45 – New Title for Episodes
40:00 – Cassidy’s Future
43:30 – Beat-Box Challenge
48:00 – Future for The Up & Comers Show
50:00 – Morning Text Reminder Cassidy Would Send