“My role as a leader is to unlock other’s best and truest selves.”  – Courtney Roberts

Courtney Roberts is a hard-charging creative who currently works as the Director of Marketing at The Giving Keys.  In her words: “With experience and expertise that combines the worlds of marketing, design, and social enterprise, I lead high performing creative teams to build brands that reach into the hearts of consumers.

I invest in work that leads to human flourishing, and am passionate about helping others use their abilities, resources, and time to better the world around them. I fiercely advocate for each individual on my team to be the greatest version of themselves, and prioritize open and honest communication within company structures.”

In this interview, we dive into all the hot-topics faced by Millennials in the ever-changing work environment.  Subjects such as: balance, importance of recovery, how to be a leader, discipline, communication, relationships, curiosity, marketing’s place in today’s world, competition, and even more of the feels.

Links From Episode:

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