Deb Victa is a 26-year old singer who was born and raised in the Philippines. She first entered the music scene by joining a reality competition back in her motherland. Her life changed when she and her family moved to the States in 2014. But since living in her new home, she has grown not just in her artistry, but also in her faith.

In this conversation, Thane and Deb cover a wide array of topics from dreams vs. reality, to cultural comparisons, to the maturation of her faith, to all things music, and much more.


“I believe that pride comes in two extremes – either you’re very arrogant or you tend to downplay your self and your abilities – that can be a form of pride too.”  – Deb Victa

“Part of the motivation of this show is the drive to learn.”  – Thane Ringler

“That’s one of the blessings of being a Christian, is that we truly can believe that all things work together for our good, whether or not we enjoy that good.”  – Deb Victa

“Culture definitely shapes the way we think, the way we interact with other people, but I don’t think it should dictate the way we view one another.”  – Deb Victa

“If we never take the time to look back then we won’t ever remember where we’ve been and where God has brought us to now.”  – Thane Ringler

“There will often be a long waiting process through [trusting and obeying], and that’s just the Lord refining your character as you go through it.”  – Deb Victa

“Nothing worthwhile comes easy in life, and the more we get things easy the more we think everything should be easy and that’s not how things work.”  – Thane Ringler

“Music alone is not worship, but it can be a tool for worship.”  – Deb Victa

“Music helps you feel the gospel; not in a sappy, emotionalism sense, but it just become real to you.”  – Deb Victa

“Being in a church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car.”  – Deb Victa

“That’s what doctrine and theology are supposed to bring you to – greater obedience.”  – Deb Victa

“Our knowledge should inform our faith, but you can never separate the two.”  – Thane Ringler

“The Lord’s not done with you yet; don’t waste your life.”  – Deb Victa

Show Notes

Alyson Stoner Interview
Deb’s Audition on The Voice of the Philippines
Culture Making – Andy Crouch
Pursuing Joy – Episode #53
For All Seasons Interview
The Shocking Youth Message – Paul Washer
Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin
Sanctification – Michael Riccardi
Apologetics – John M. Frame
The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness – John MacArthur

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5:30 – How Deb Describes Herself
7:30 – Shower Song
11:45 – Performing as an Introvert
15:45 – The Voice of the Philippines
23:45 – Finding Her Voice
27:45 – Deb’s Musical Development
30:15 – Deb’s Background
32:45 – Life in the Philippines vs. America
35:00 – Culture’s Influence
41:45 – Deb’s Transition to America
45:45 – Impact of Circumstances on Faith
48:15 – Things That Help/Hurt Faith
52:45 – Music In America
54:45 – Dreams vs. Reality
57:45 – Role of Music in Worship
1:01:00 – Deb’s Sanctification Journey
1:08:00 – How Knowledge Impacts Faith
1:14:15 – Deb’s Top 3 Singers
1:16:45 – Most Embarrassing Moment
1:19:15 – Question She Asks Herself Most
1:20:45 – Deb’s Perfect Day
1:27:15 – Books with Biggest Impact
1:29:00 – Morning Text Reminder
1:30:45 – How to Connect With Deb!