In this discussion, Thane and Adam define what fear is and what it entails, followed by talking through personal illustrations of fear in their own lives.  They talk about how a fear of man impacts our daily lives and what a proper fear of God really means.

Fear is an issue we all face, so conversations like this are healthy and therapeutic, as well as enlightening to help reveal the areas we battle fear in our individual spheres.


“Fear is one of the main emotions that we are going to have to combat to be wise and to live a good life. To be able to see through the smoke and to be able to clear it out and say: ‘even if my emotions are saying one thing, this is what I should do.’”  – Adam Setser

“You have to sit with the fear, become friends with it. Watch and observe it, see the fruit of it – what it produces in you. And this is really how you become comfortable with it, and that’s when fear starts losing its grip and hold on you.”  – Thane Ringler

“Fear is addicting. It’s a black hole that you can get sucked down. And you feel incapacitated, and you feel incapable of overcoming it. But the point is – you’re not. So stop playing the victim. Start recognizing and overcoming it.”  – Thane Ringler

“You must be afraid of God, to the point where no one else holds any candle to the fear you have of him.”  – Adam Setser

“Fear is directly related to control, and that’s why we have to fear God because He has control and we don’t. It’s a natural result.”  – Thane Ringler

“You must see yourself in context to God, and fear is the only way you can actually appreciate that context.”  – Adam Setser

“To have the heart of wisdom, you have to be centered right and fear the right thing and let that guide your perspective. And perspective is wisdom.”  – Adam Setser

Show Notes:

Rules of a Knight (Farnam St. blog summary)
Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates
Counterfeit Gods – Timothy Keller


3:00 – Intro to Fear
5:00 – Defining Fear
16:45 – Personal Fears
25:00 – Fear of Man
34:30 – Fear of God
42:30 – Offshoots of Fear
48:30 – Listener Questions on Fear
54:00 – Practical Ways to Overcome Fear