In this episode, Thane and Adam dive into a wide array of things they are thinking through in current life. From exercise and it’s importance, to God’s design with the Sabbath, to the life of the mind and the importance of thinking, to the necessity of emotion especially as men.

Join them as they continue striving to live a good life!

Show Notes

Interview with Jake Vermillion
Jon Tyson Sermon on Sabbath
Rock Harbor Sermon on God’s Presence
Habits of the Mind – James Sire
The Painting Narcissus
From Here to There – Thane’s New Book!

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“It is so crazy that pushing your body more actually produces more energy.”  – Adam Setser

“God created in six days in order to show a pattern, in order to show a purpose and a flow of things (because He could have done it in one instant), and then on the seventh day He took a break and He rested.  – Adam Setser

“Rest is essentially a break from evil – a position of peace and freedom with God in perfection.”  – Adam Setser

God is not an idea, He is a person.”  – Adam Setser

“The finite is striving for the infinite, and we will never get there because we’re not infinite.”  – Thane Ringler

“The danger of today. and social media and the mass dissemination of information – is the reality that you aren’t understanding necessarily the people who are being spoken to in the context of the message or the culture that it’s being spoken from.”  – Thane Ringler

“I don’t remember all of the books that I read, but they made me.”  – Oscar Wendell Holmes

“We look far too much inside to do our thinking.”  – Adam Setser

“It’s humility – we have to be broken of our pride.”  – Thane Ringler

“You will never figure everything out but you should want to, because at the end of the day you can figure out a ton.” – Adam Setser

“Facts are not truth. Facts are things that are true in a certain context.”  – Adam Setser

“So, Jesus has done it – what are you going to do now with the rest of your life?”  – Adam Setser

“Rationality – our ability to measure and weigh and consider the thoughts behind our emotions – is the only ammo we have for not letting those emotions dictate us.”  – Adam Setser

“That’s the downside of not being very emotional – you limit the joy that God brings through blessings in life.”  – Thane Ringler

“That’s what this stage of life is, about having the opportunity to expand and explore what it is that God is calling us to.”  – Thane Ringler

“We just don’t pay attention”  – Adam Setser

“Take ownership and never settle.”  – Thane Ringler

“That’s what we have to commit to – taking ownership of our lives, of what we’re doing, of our energy attention and pursuit. And then, never settling – we’re here for a reason. God has given us a purpose and a calling and He’s equipped us, and is equipping us now. So we shouldn’t settle for less than we are capable of.”  – Thane Ringler


2:30 – iTunes Review
4:30 – Importance of Exercise / Fitness
12:00 – Purpose/Role of the Sabbath
20:00 – The Life of the Mind
39:00 – Rationality vs. Emotions
46:30 – Men and Emotions
57:00 – Thane’s New Book!