“Intention In The Tension” is one of the new motto’s for our show that we are “re-branding” under for the year ahead.

It’s a phrase that encapsulates what we face in life – a battle of reconciling tensions that are often irreconcilable. This is what creates the tension we can’t avoid, but that isn’t a bad thing. What it means to live in the midst of that tension is to have intention behind what you do and why you do it. This mantra (and t-shirt) is a visual and verbal way to encapsulate our heart in what we are doing with our show.


“We believe this is a crucial element of God’s design – telling us to accept two truths that we can’t humanly unite, but still believe. This is the path of faith, wading into the tensions of life and choosing to remain there with purpose.”  – Thane Ringler

“The same inherent limitations exist in almost every facet of life. The answer isn’t to cheat them or hack our way around them; no, the answer is to accept them and live intentionally within them. To live with intention in the tension: there’s no other way. This is the good life.”  – Adam Setser

“Being intentional amidst life’s tensions is an everyday battle, stretching and pulling us in all directions. The Up & Comers want to celebrate taking on that tension in life with great intention and passion, and our hope is that the artwork for this new mantra will ever be a visual reminder of what it looks like to take that tension head-on, with unmatched passion and tenacity.”  – Josiah Zimmerman

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1:30 – IITT
3:00 – Why We Picked a Mantra
5:00 – Meaning Behind IITT
8:30 – T-Shirt’s!
13:20 – Housekeeping