Jake Vermillion is the Director of Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope and a co-founder of Fit For Hope, a growing community of active and aspiring athletes committed to leveraging their fitness to restore hope to the hopeless.

Jake and his wife, Hannah, live in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, where they attend Redeemer 30A Church, serve on the Board of SendWell (a movement to reengage the church in missionary car), and are anxiously awaiting the approval of their application to foster.

Jake is currently training to run 31 miles in order to raise $3,100 to provide permanent housing to three homeless families. You can follow his journey on Instagram, twitter, or online at fitforhopejake.com.

Show Notes

India Rural Evangelical Fellowship (IREF)
When Helping Hurts – Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
Acts 29 Network
Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis
Think – John Piper
Be You Do Good – Jonathan Golden
How Bad Do You Want It – Matt Fitzgerald

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“We’re called to live for today; we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.”  – Jake Vermillion

“We know the Lord doesn’t call us to do things without equipping us, but there’s no guarantee that that equipping happens in one moment at the beginning. It’s a process.”  – Jake Vermillion

“As westerners and as millennials, we generally don’t have a real appreciation for suffering.”  – Jake Vermillion

“Instant gratification is pervasive—throughout culture, throughout society—and technology is only increasing that. Patience is becoming a rare commodity that we really have to fight for.”  – Thane Ringler

“The theme of my current stage of life is patience and persistence, but I think patience can be paired with either persisting or pivoting.”  – Thane Ringler

“God does not want us to be Christ, He has already provided Christ that He wants us to depend on.”  – Thane Ringler

“Hardship is always a part of life.”  – Jake Vermillion

“Words have power. So if you have a powerful story, don’t ever stop telling it because you can dramatically change somebody’s life.”  – Jake Vermillion

“Missions is like anything else in the Christian faith—there’s no one-off. Salvation is ‘worked out.’”  Jake Vermillion

“When we talk about ‘Up & Comers’, we’re talking about that process of finding your purpose in life.”  – Jake Vermillion

“If we can help people find purpose in even something as simple as going and running, or doing a squat, or just drinking some more water—water that looks like for you and your fitness journey—we think that’s a wonderful and good thing.”  – Jake Vermillion

“The beautiful thing about endurance sports is that if you’re willing to put in the work, you may not win the biggest races in the world, you may not win any races for that matter, but there is a finish-line out there somewhere for you that you can cross with confidence and excitement.”  – Jake Vermillion

“There’s beauty in the battle.”  – Thane Ringler

“We can celebrate the fact that: if we know the Lord, it was His hand at work to make that happen.”  – Jake Vermillion

“Our agency is the canvas on which, for whatever reason, God chose to sovereignly paint His redemptive story.”  – Jake Vermillion

“These unreconcilable realities are a beautiful thing because it shows us that we aren’t God.”  – Thane Ringler

“The Spirit is almost that filter through which our agency comes into alignment with the sovereign will of God.”  – Jake Vermillion

“Missions is a serious life calling.”  – Jake Vermillion

“Someone else needs you today.”  – Jake Vermillion


7:00 – What Being an Up & Comer Means to Jake
9:45 – Biggest Struggle for Up & Comers
13:00 – Persisting vs. Pivoting
17:00 – Jake as a Unicorn
19:00 – Early Hardships / Trials Jake Has Faced
26:00 – Jake’s Life-Changing Trip
31:00 – The Role of Mission Trips
41:30 – Other Places Jake Has Traveled
49:00 – Sex Trafficking / Fit For Hope Origins
1:04:00 – Fit For Hope – The Vision
1:08:15 – Jake’s Current Calling/Vision
1:20:15 – Human Agency vs. God’s Sovereignty
1:26:15 – The Greatest Gift – The Helper
1:31:00 – Reminder Jake Gives Himself / Cornerstone Habits
1:33:30 – Class Jake Would Teach
1:34:30 – What Jake Believes That He Wishes Everyone Else Believed to be True
1:36:00 – Book Recommendations
1:38:30 – Morning Text Reminder