Jeremy Davis is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Kerrigan Davis Capital and Risk Management, a financial planning firm based in Valdosta, GA. He is married and has two children, including his son Noah who has cerebral palsy.

In this interview, Jeremy shares his story on how he ultimately became a financial advisor. He talks about many of the struggles along the path, including learning what real work is on the family farm, working under four different companies in under five years, and learning how to raise a son with special needs.

There is much wisdom to be gleaned from Jeremy, on compassion, living into the possibilities, finding fulfillment in your work, and more.


“But that’s what accountability is about, that’s why you’re having this kind of podcast – to share that the struggle is real, but it’s not impassible.”  – Jeremy Davis

“To be compassionate with someone you have to understand the context.”  – Jeremy Davis

“Everyone should wait tables and work on a farm.”  – Jeremy Davis

“For me, there is nothing better than having a community that you’re making a difference in.”  – Jeremy Davis

“When we fail to look at the future in the context of where we’ve come from and where we are – I think that’s when we run into issues of contentment.”  – Jeremy Davis

“I believe that God’s used my experiences to change me, and He will continue to do that, to a point where I can just be the man I’ve been called to be, lead by example, and let my actions speak for themselves.”  – Jeremy Davis

“So often we let the fear of regret keep us from making bold decisions, or cause us to make one decision over another. Instead of looking at possibilities we look at the regret. When you can get to a point where that’s not part of your decision-making process, is when I think you shift from being a person who lives in the present to a person who lives in the possibilities.”  – Jeremy Davis

“The first step is always living in the present. But the step of mastery, beyond that, once you’re able to be in the present, is to live in the possibility and the future potential that you have.”  – Thane Ringler

“I can tell you, as a parent you want something to blame it on. You want there to be a reason for this happening. You might find the cause, but that’s not a reason.”  – Jeremy Davis

“The world sees Noah as a person with cerebral palsy who has a disability. The reality is – we all have disabilities. You might be able to hide yours and Noah can’t hide his – which is easier? Who’s carrying the greater burden?  – Jeremy Davis

“Walking by faith is so much different than walking in faith.”  – Thane Ringler

“It’s a fallen world, and we are called, not to live perfect lives and not to make the world perfect, we are called to redeem it and be in that process of redeeming it. That means difficulty. It means facing things you don’t want to face.”  – Adam Setser

Show Notes:

The Kerrigan Davis Group
The Undoing Project – by Michael Lewis
The Calling – by Christianity Today
Miracle League of Valdosta
When Helping Hurts – by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert


9:15 – Jeremy’s Interest in Dogs
15:00 – Jeremy’s Background
21:00 – Impact / Effects of Growing Up on the Farm
25:00 – Uselessness of Worrying and Value of Experience
33:30 – Finding Fulfillment in Your Work
39:35 – Goal/Role With Current Work
43:10 – College and Post-College Path
47:30 – How He Met His Wife
57:30 – Career-Path and Calling
1:02:20 – Walking By Faith, Into the Possibility
1:10:30 – How He’s Learned From His Children
1:13:20 – Story of His Son Noah’s Birth
1:17:30 – How To Accept What God Gives
1:20:00 – What Noah Has Given
1:29:00 – Effects of Cerebral Palsy
1:30:10 – What Brings Noah the Most Joy
1:32:00 – Misperceptions of Special Needs
1:35:30 – How to Handle Being in the Minority (in Your Calling)
1:38:25 – The Way of Compassion
1:43:30 – The Value of Committing to a Community
1:47:30 – Guest Appearance by Noah
1:48:10 – What Jeremy Wishes Adam Was Better At
1:48:40 – What High-School Class Jeremy Would Teach
1:49:10 – Daily Morning Message to All Millennials