In this solo episode, Adam shares the thoughts and musings of what has been taking up his headspace the past month. From the tyranny of convenience, to the power of the subconscious, to why pursuing joy matters – tune in for encouragement, exhortation, and some southern charm.


“Everything you hear and read and see is going to change your life to some degree.”  – Adam Setser

“If you value what is easiest over what is best, you’re succumbing to the tyranny of convenience.”  – Adam Setser

“What you believe determines how you live.”  – Adam Setser

“The way you actually have vision is by seeing and interpreting correctly.”  – Adam Setser

“There has to be a time in your day or in your week where you set aside time to be still.”  – Adam Setser

“Boredom is the very thing that, most of the time, we need.”  – Adam Setser

“The joyful life isn’t something that you kind of get to and you’re done. It is a journey, it’s a type of life, a way of life.”  – Adam Setser

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Love God and love others. You can’t do one without the other. Pursue both, and pursue a life of integrity because it is truly more joyful.”  – Adam Setser

Show Notes:

The Tyranny of Convenience – Tim Wu (NY Times article)
Desiring God – John Piper
The Impossible Dream – Voctave


2:00 – Tyranny of Convenience
5:00 – The Power of the Mind / Subconscious
7:00 – Relationship with God
16:00 – Keeping a Clean Mind / Be Still
20:30 – Recommendations
26:45 – Signing Off