In this solo-isode, Thane shares his thoughts on the topic of knowledge and the ways we acquire it.

Through several messages he recently heard, and learning more about the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, Thane reveals his heart in striving to not see faith and knowledge as mutually exclusive, but rather mutually required.


“Most of the time, gaining information through various resources produces learning, but hardly ever does it produce the conviction of belief in learning that personal experiences do.”  – Thane Ringler

“The most humbling method of learning is looking to history and tradition.”  – Thane Ringler

“Learning from history means we are a student of the past in order to properly inform the present and push towards the right things in the future.”  – Thane Ringler

“The Bible is clear that there is knowledge of God and there is knowledge that He is real. Faith comes in at the level of placing confidence in God, but faith is not pitted against knowledge or reason.”  – J.P. Moreland

“We should not put faith and knowledge at odds against each other, but rather seek to grow in both faith and knowledge, and understand that knowledge is what informs our faith.”  – Thane Ringler

“Knowledge has limits, and faith has power.”  – Thane Ringler

Show Notes

2 Messages That Inspired This Episode:
–  J.P. Moreland’s Speech on Knowledge
–  Jon Tyson’s Sermon on Compassion

Matthew Walker on Sleep – Joe Rogan Experience
Wesleyan Quadrilateral

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1:00 – Housekeeping
3:15 – Disclaimers
5:00 – Discussion on Knowledge