The Up & Comers T-Shirts are officially live! Go to to buy your very own. But hurry! It is a limited release sale that is only available for two weeks, so don’t take too much time to think about it.

During the rest of the episode, Thane and Adam share what they have been learning in life, and how the things they are pursuing – from book-writing, to home-owning, to financial-planning, and golf-playing – are all providing valuable lessons and opportunities for personal growth.


“The South is more treezy.”  – Adam Setser

“The consistency of your effort proves the ambition of your heart.”  – Adam Setser

“Stop just thinking about it, start doing it.”  – Thane Ringler

“If you want one word to live by, that’s a great word to live by: striving.”  – Thane Ringler

Show Notes:

Pennant Coffee Roasters
Like A Dream – Francis and the Lights (music video)
Look What You Made Me Do – T. Swift (dance video)
JBL Speakers


1:45 – T-Shirt Clarification – Now Officially Launched
4:00 – iTunes Review
7:00 – Updates on Life
10:30 – Golf Talk
15:00 – Writing Talk
23:00 – Faith Talk
27:30 – CORE
34:00 – Shirt Talk
36:30 – Bluetooth Speaker