Meki Blackwell is an Orange County native and “Movement Specialist.”  Passionate about vocational calling and purposeful living, Meki views her work as practitioner of Pilates, dance, choreography, and myofascial release (manual release of connective tissue) through the lens of ‘thoughtful collaboration with the great Maestro of Creation’.

Despite congenital deformation, Meki enjoyed ten years of employment as a professional dancer and loves thorough, thoughtful discussions that provide insight to the human body, movement, health, the spiritual life and formation of the soul. She holds a B.A. and M.F.A. in dance, a dance specialization in Pilates, and is a published author of graduate research in fascia release, motor recruitment and movement efficiency.

Meki has lived in Asia and Europe as well as Orange County, feels somewhat certain that God is neither democrat nor republican, and cries every time she hears a good country song.  She loves expanding her community and is quite honored to deep dive with other like-minded people via the Up and Comers Show.


“If you don’t study God as He describes Himself, I think you’re going to end up with a God that looks a lot like you. He’s going to like what you like, he’s going to share your opinions, he’s going to share your view of the world, and he’s going to make moral choices easy for you. If you were the center of the universe that would work really well.”  – Meki Blackwell

“Rather than being disenchanted and disheartened [by this culture], we should be encouraged by it, because lightness expels darkness. It’s one of the great asymmetries between light and darkness – that darkness can’t expel light, instead light illuminates all the more the darker the room.”  – Meki Blackwell

“That’s our job – to preserve and to perpetuate good because that will expel evil in the same way that light expels darkness.”  – Meki Blackwell

“I like to understand things in light of how they ought to be at their most perfect state, in a state of thriving, in a state of beauty and delight.”  – Meki Blackwell

“Once you get to a certain level you have to do less ‘preaching’ and more ‘living’ and ‘being.’”  – Thane Ringler

“The more disciplined, the more freedom. Freedom comes through discipline.”  – Meki Blackwell

“Don’t be immersed in being seen, be immersed in the work and then you’ll get seen as a byproduct.”  – Meki Blackwell

“The interesting thing is, accurate movement and good mechanics and healthy dance technique is also the most beautiful.”  – Meki Blackwell

“If you study how God made the body, we really are meant for touch. We’re really designed to enjoy and benefit from and be at our healthiest – there are so many reasons to understand that touch is very deliberately designed by God.”  – Meki Blackwell

“The healthcare system isn’t set up in a way that allows health practitioners to heal, to truly heal.”  – Meki Blackwell

“You need to listen to your body. Every body is very, very different.”  – Meki Blackwell

“You can replace your iPhone, you can’t replace your health or your body.”  – Meki Blackwell

“Health is not a singular issue, it’s a holistic issue.”  – Thane Ringler

“To listen actually means you apply what you have heard. Those two things go together.”  – Meki Blackwell

“My call is to be clothed with strength and dignity, and I don’t have to worry that I’m not fitting in right now. You’re going to walk in God’s ways and He’ll take care of you.”  – Meki Blackwell

“It’s hard to come in with truth and not hurt people with it.”  – Meki Blackwell

“I wrestle with cowarding away from doing it, saying it might not be the right time because I’m not courageous enough. Or, saying it too soon because I’m not self-controlled enough.”  – Meki Blackwell

“Knowledge of God pays in dividends.”  – Meki Blackwell

“You are an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe, and you are designed to lead humanity. So go in God’s grace and kill your day.”  – Meki Blackwell

Show Notes

Evidence That Demands a Verdict – Josh McDowell
The Bible Project – website (Tim Mackie)
Discipline Equals Freedom – Jocko Willink
Interview with Ethan Renoe
Interview with Geoff Bishop
Boundaries – Henry Cloud
Changes That Heal – Henry Cloud
Matthew Walker on sleep – Joe Rogan Experience
The Enneagram
The Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard
Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis
How We Love – Milan and Kay Yerkovich
Anatomy Trains – Thomas Myers

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5:30 – Name Origins
8:30 – Getting to Know Meki
14:00 – Why Meki Loves Theology
18:00 – Why Theology is Important
21:15 – Our Generations Biggest Question
26:30 – Meki The Idealist
28:30 – Meki’s Background
39:30 – Meki’s Dance Career
49:45 – Meki’s Current Life
52:30 – How Meki Became a Movement Specialist
1:00:30 – Fascial Work
1:10:00 – America and Healthcare
1:14:30 – How People Take Ownership of Their Health
1:23:00 – Meaning and Implication of Shalom
1:26:30 – Enneagram Talk
1:35:30 – Meki’s Life Verse
1:36:45 – Most Predominant Question
1:38:30 – What Meki Believes That She Wishes Others Believed
1:39:30 – Best Investment She’s Made
1:40:00 – Meki’s Favorite Books
1:41:30 – Who Meki Would Be In Another Life
1:43:00 – Morning Text Reminder