“It’s like going to sleep and having a dream, but you’re awake and you actually get to visualize things with way more detail – that’s what I love about film.”  – Graham Kelley

In this interview with Graham and Ryan, we dive into a host of topics.  From their unlikely friendship that led to the founding of NakNek, to each of their lowest moments in the NakNek journey thus far, to their production process, and much, much more.

They do a great job of highlighting the importance of integrity in all that you do, and help remind us all that success can only be achieved when you are concerned more about the client (customer) and maintaining your own personal character, rather than the bottom line.

In the world of choosing between pursuing your dreams or making a living, NakNek is an example of Up & Comers who are striving to marry the two.

“There’s nothing you can do to create success other than just being honest, have integrity, trusting and being pleasant to work around – that’s it.”  – Graham Kelley

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