Natasha is a West Coast Native who, by the time she went to college, lived in every state on the immediate west coast (WA, OR, CA, NV) but considers the Bay Area and Portland OR, to be the two places she feels most at home.

The only girl out of 5 boys, her tomboy toughness took her all the way to a Track & Field scholarship at The University of California Irvine, where she earned a degree in Political Science and Education, and split her talents between the track and the chorus; as she was also an integral member of the UCI Chamber choir.

Upon graduating, Natasha was scouted by Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited and went on to pursue a career in the Fitness modeling industry. Today: a model, actress, and vocalist, she is best known for her work with Global Brands such as Nike and Athleta; for her Lyrical skills as seen in the Viral Disney/Migos parody ‘Belle and Boujee’, as the face of National commercials such as AmazonGo (as seen on Jimmy Fallon); and most recently, as #19 on the all new Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel on CNBC.

As an influencer, Natasha has become a powerful and eloquent voice for self esteem and body image in the Instagram community. Utilizing her platform to educate and encourage us to ask the tough questions, embrace our vulnerability, face our fears, and chase our dreams.

She currently lives in Hollywood, CA and is excited to continue to partner with God as he utilizes her talents and testimony for the kingdom.

Show Notes

I Need More – Shekinah Glory Song
Thirteenth – Documentary on 13th Amendment
Malcolm Gladwell’s Podcast on Brown v. Board
Prevail LA – Natasha’s Boxing Gym
Cover the Earth – Kari Jobe
What a Beautiful Name – Orchestra Version
You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero

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“Through the eyes of children we think everything is really innocent and we want to believe the best about people, but the Bible also says ‘the heart of man is exceedingly wicked, who can know it.’”  – Natasha Ward

“You just get a ‘cool card’ when you’re born with melanin.”  – Natasha Ward

“That’s why we have biases – because we don’t have the uncomfortable conversations.”  – Natasha Ward

“Real friendships grow the most when there’s conflict and opposition and when you’re able to work through that as friends.”  – Thane Ringler

“We can’t just continue to say ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’. Well what do you do if you have no boots?”  – Natasha Ward

“There are all these things that we say but haven’t lived, and we project onto people when we haven’t walked in their shoes.”  – Natasha Ward

“I’m really passionate about being a voice for people who don’t have the opportunity to speak for themselves.”  – Natasha Ward

“I think it is an integral part of every human being to experience what their body is capable of both physically and mentally through the avenue of sports.”  – Natasha Ward

“E.G.O. – Edge God Out.”  – Natasha Ward

“God will use anything.”  – Natasha Ward

“When the Bible says: ‘give thanks in all things for this is the will of God concerning you’… it’s true, even though it looks like on the outside like something we can’t survive or just doesn’t make sense.”  – Natasha Ward

“Obedience doesn’t require understanding.”  – Natasha Ward

“Every breath is a gift.”  – Natasha Ward

“If I can look the person who murdered my brother in cold blood in the eyes and truly forgive him, what is your excuse?”  – Natasha Ward

“When God created us He imagined who we would be – what we would be like. I think part of this walk is discovering and coming into the fullness of who that person is.”  – Natasha Ward

“That’s basically my job description: to do what we all do in the gym while smiling and making you want to do it too.”  – Natasha Ward

“You’re okay where you’re at.”  – Natasha Ward

“I was not really ever insecure until I became a model.”  – Natasha Ward

“Be the best version of the genes you were given.”  – Natasha Ward

“It’s okay to be in progress. It’s okay to be in a place of becoming. We will always be in a place of becoming. When you feel like you’re no longer becoming, you’ve missed it because we should always be evolving. God is always doing a deeper work and a new thing.”  – Natasha Ward

“You were not created to just pay bills and die.”  – Natasha Ward

“My biggest fear in life is not fulfilling my calling – whatever that is.”  – Natasha Ward

“You are enough, and you have everything you need within you. You’re already capable, you just have to believe it.”  – Natasha Ward


5:30 – Favorite Nicknames
8:30 – Natasha’s Childhood
12:00 – Career Transitions
24:00 – Racial Tension / Prejudice
40:00 – What Helpful Opposition Is
48:00 – Natasha The Athlete
1:00:30 – Fitness / Exercise
1:05:45 – Coffee with Jesus
1:23:00 – Defining Moments in Natasha’s Life
1:42:30 – Natasha’s Current Work
1:49:00 – Common Misperceptions of Modeling
1:54:00 – What Natasha Preaches to Herself Most
1:59:00 – Natasha’s Favorite Books
2:02:30 – What Natasha Wants To Know About The Future
2:05:30 – Morning Text Reminder
2:06:30 – Connect with Natasha!