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When things don’t go the way we expected them to be, it becomes so easy to get trapped into blaming others for it. It is time to look past that and back within ourselves. In this short episode, Thane Marcus Ringler talks about the rallying cry to take ownership and never settle. He empowers you to bring awareness to yourself, accepting full responsibility for what we do, and cultivate the ability to be disciplined. Only then will we find the things that truly propel us forward and express our greatest good for the world’s greatest need.

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Take Ownership And Never Settle

This is a podcast all about learning how to live a good life. We believe that it takes living with intention in the tension. If you’re like me, if you’re a human being, you face tensions in life and we believe the best way to face those tensions is with intentionality, infusing intention into all that we do. Welcome to this show, this community and this movement. You are an Up & Comer. If you are in the process of becoming, which we all are, you are an Up & Comer. Thanks for being a part of this movement.

UAC 137 | Take Ownership


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UAC 137 | Take Ownership


Enough housekeeping for the day. I am excited to share a shorter episode by myself where I discuss a few things that I have been focused on over a couple of years and this is a two-part phrase that is taking ownership and never settle. What do these two phrases mean and why are they important to me? A few years of building out Thane Marcus, which is my brand and home base for all the work I’m doing it in, my emphasis and focus have continued to refine into simpler and clearer forms. While this process will continue in the years to come, there’s been some crystallization that’s already formed. The key focus for all that I do is the rallying cry for each individual to first take ownership and second, never settle.

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These are catchy phrases and they sound good as a slogan, but what do they mean? That’s what I want to share with you. The simplest and most refined core of what these two rally cries entail is first, awareness and second, discipline. I believe that as we individually grow in these two areas, we will begin to have a positive impact on the people around us and produce a culture of growth within our communities by empowering others to do the same. To lead others well, we first have to lead ourselves well and that is the goal. Back to the rallying cry, the first part is taking ownership. It is all about awareness. It means that we are self-aware enough to discover and recognize the areas in our daily lives where we are not taking ownership of our thoughts, decisions or actions.

UAC 137 | Take Ownership


This relates but isn’t limited to excuses. We are all experts at excuses and making an excuse is the opposite of taking ownership. Taking ownership means that we will accept full responsibility for what we do. The reason behind this is because we will never be able to make progress if we keep passing off blame to other people. If what we do is always a result of others’ effect on us, then we won’t be able to direct ourselves toward the path we want to travel on or to live as a person we truly want to show up in the world as. Awareness is all about being good self observers so that we can be better at self-directing. We have to be good self-observers before we can be better self-directors.

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Taking ownership is also about delayed gratification. It is always harder to take ownership. It is much easier to shift the blame or justify our actions away. This feels like the best solution, but in the long run, it leads to a life of victimization. By taking full ownership, we sacrifice comfort in the moment for growth in the future. Discomfort means increased ability or aptitude in the future. Taking ownership will feel harder and less fun, but it will produce a better human down the road. Finally, taking ownership is tied to awareness because the first step is always recognition. If we don’t recognize the times we failed to take ownership, we will never begin to grow in it. Awareness and taking ownership go hand in hand.

UAC 137 | Take Ownership


The second part of the rallying cry is about never settling and never settle is all about discipline. Discipline is the ability to delay gratification to a future date or time. It is the ability to choose what you’re going to do regardless of how you feel about it. Even more, it is the ability to do something despite or in spite of how you feel in the moment is a practice, a habit, a muscle that you develop through repetition and ultimately through intention. A foundational purpose or reason for why you consistently choose discipline. Our natural default is to settle like water running downstream. Water will naturally move down the path of least resistance. This is true of us as humans. To go down the path of most resistance or even some resistance, we have to intentionally choose to do so.

By default, we will go with water down the path of least resistance and this is why choosing not to settle is another way to say being and pursuing discipline. By never settling, by living a disciplined life, we can begin to fully express our greatest good for the world’s greatest need. This looks different for each person, but the core of it remains the same. Making the choice to never settle, to pursue discipline and to embrace the harder path. That is what these two rally cries are ultimately about. That the path of most resistance is the path of most growth and that path is worth it. Life is not meant to be easy. Purpose and meaning are found in the struggle, not through avoiding it. As Up & Comers, my hope and prayer for all of us are to embrace a life that is characterized by us not perfectly but consistently taking ownership and never settling.

For those of you who are interested in developing these two areas of your life further, I am in the process of developing two online courses that will help individuals better embrace a lifestyle of discipline and awareness all while cultivating the habits and skills needed to do that. Stay tuned in the months ahead as I will be posting more updates on this. Once the courses are live, I would love for you to join me in this journey of learning how to live a good life by practicing it and living it out in real-time. Check out You can also sign up for my newsletter there where you’ll get updates on all of these new arrivals and new releases that are coming out in the months ahead. I want us all to be committed to taking ownership and never settling, and we are on this journey together. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you have an Up & Coming week.

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