“Success is what you’re content with.” – Nic Mayne

Nic Mayne is an entrepreneur and author who is currently in the J.D. program at Harvard Law School. Throughout college, he managed the marketing agency he founded, Mayne Marketing, working with businesses throughout Canada, the U.S. and worldwide. Nic’s latest venture, four|thirteen Sports, allows him to use both marketing & law to passionately represent athletes, primarily professional and pre-professional hockey players. He is a member of the Sports Lawyers’ Association and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association Agent Program. He is also actively involved in the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project, through which he assists other entrepreneurs in a legal capacity. Nic lives with his wife Katie in Cambridge, MA.

In this interview, we dive into where Nic is from, what his journey to Harvard Law looked like, how being an athlete helped him, what his experience at Harvard Law has been like, how he has managed all that he has on his plate, his view of our judicial system’s current state of affairs, and much more!

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