In this episode, Thane and Adam talk through ways to help overcome the barrage of information overload through technology and media. This includes Adam’s new big idea and why he’s returning to the glory days of paper and typewriters. Tune in to learn more about Adam’s new endeavor and be sure to subscribe!

Show Notes

Mitsubishi Pencil
Black Wing Pencils
William Faulkner’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
Notes From Underground – Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl – Indie Wilson
F Reading Format
The Notes Circular 

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“If I could do anything with my life, if this was my last year to live, what would I do with it?”  – Adam Setser

“I just can’t handle crap.”  – Adam Setser

“There are millions of things that have been said that are worthwhile that we’ll never know about.”  – Adam Setser

“There’s something about the slowness of writing physical that bring more clarity and it’s just that patient flow that natural writing brings that you can’t replicate on a computer.”  – Thane Marcus Ringler

“There’s something to be said for acting in opposition to efficiency.”  – Thane Marcus Ringler

“It takes your brain 30-45 minutes to get onto a task deeply and if something interrupts that, it takes the same amount of time to get back into that.” – Adam Setser

“You don’t know who you are and how you’re wired if you never have the space to actually self reflect, to meditate, to journal, to examine, to actually see why you’re thinking the way you’re thinking and doing the things you’re doing.”  – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Follow the joy and you will do something worthwhile.” – Adam Setser

Time Markers

1:30 – 5-Star Review
4:00 – Housekeeping!
5:00 – Adam’s Announcement
12:30 – World’s Best Pencil
15:00 – Notes Circular