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Paul Tellefsen is a connector, cultural architect and story-listener. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but currently resides in San Diego, California.

Known digitally as technopaul, Paul grew up in the arts with his first passion being music. Now with his degree in emerging media and communication, he has been in the creative industry full time for 7 years working in various positions and projects like Instagram Is, a documentary, Socality, a creative community, and Able Creative House, a creative agency.

His mission is to create a culture of healthy and meaningful connection. He does that by teaching the value of disconnection and solitude and by creating environments that foster relationship.

Show Notes

Live at Royal Albert Hall – Adele
Hello Remix – Marshmello
Hello (cover) – Third Story
@withhearts – Cory Stocker
Instagram Is – Paul’s Documentary
Most Liked Photo of All Time – Instagram Egg
Socality Barbie
Live On Purpose Sweatshirt – Purposity USA
Able Creative House
@tylerbuckguinn – Tyler Buck Guinn
Essentialism – Greg McKeown
Keep Your Love On – Danny Silk
Garden City – John Mark Comer
Wild At Heart – John Eldredge
Waking the Dead – John Eldredge
Fathered by God – John Eldredge
This Present Darkness – Frank Peretti
Paul’s Phone Number – 1-800-SRY GALS

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“I need people who challenge me, and push up against and sharpen edges around me and help give me edges.” – Paul Tellefsen

“I didn’t sleep on couches when I lived here [in California], I wasn’t looking for a job. Those doors really opened through the obedience of taking the right steps at the right time.” – Paul Tellefsen

“There were a lot of weights holding me back and excuses. And in that moment, letting go of those responsibilities gave me freedom.” – Paul Tellefsen

“We all have anxiety around making stuff happen, that’s universally human. And its displayed in many different ways. But it is God’s design for us to let go so we can walk forward In faith.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“It’s all about baby steps of walking by faith, one step at a time and in that is the freedom of letting go of control.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“I’ve always enjoyed life but there’s always been something in me that felt like if I experienced more pain then I am more righteous or holy, but that’s martyrdom, which is not place to live.” – Paul Tellefsen

“If I get too far ahead of myself and try to make this happen, I’m going to get lost along the way and fall off this mountain I’m climbing up. I only need to see what’s directly in front of me.” – Paul Tellefsen

“Let go of control, all you need to know is the next thing.” – Paul Tellefsen

“You can’t first speak until you’ve listened and you can’t first connect or enjoy life until you’ve disconnected. The first step in enjoying life is learning how to disconnect.” – Paul Tellefsen

“We all have a story, we all come from somewhere, and we are all doing something.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Allow yourself to respond emotionally, then react and think logically and then you express creatively.” – Paul Tellefsen

“If I was to describe anything about my mission in life, it’s to connect people with people and people with God through spaces of opportunity of connection.” – Paul Tellefsen

“Some people asked me: ‘when did you pick which thing you wanted to do with your life?’ I don’t think I ever picked, I’m doing all of them still.” – Paul Tellefsen

“Working at the church, that job, was kind of like my dream job. And so when I got it when I was twenty years old I thought, maybe there’s more to my life than just this. Maybe I dreamed too small.” – Paul Tellefsen

“A lot of people miss big moments in life because they come in really small packages.” – Paul Tellefsen

“My anxiety equaled the amount of force I would give to try and make something happen.” – Paul Tellefsen

“When I come back to the basics of instagram, it’s connection. Bottom line is about connecting and turning it into real life encounters.” – Paul Tellefsen

“Work on a project that doesn’t make you money, but that you’re passionate about. If it does end up making you money, great. But let that not be the motivation.” – Paul Tellefsen

“I think we are in a moment of revealing the pressure we’ve all lived under and being honest about it and being human and moving into a new era of how we use it.” – Paul Tellefsen

“If we can come together as a society as connected as we are, to actually impact our communities through these tools, that’s where social media should go.” – Paul Tellefsen

“Community wrapped around a purpose actually has impact. Too many people chase community when they should be chasing purpose.” – Paul Tellefsen

“God calls us to be in the world but not of the world. It’s not about isolating away from what’s going on, its about redeeming what’s going on and using it for good.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“That’s the hardest thing for people, to let go of control of making your business successful. When you get away from the success of your account, all of a sudden you’ll actually be able to make an impact.” – Paul Tellefsen

“Commitment and choosing to be where you are is a challenge because you risk missing out on something else.” – Paul Tellefsen

“There is fear around commitment but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. There’s actually more benefit from that commitment. Commitment is what forms community and that’s what leads and fuels sustainability.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“People aren’t okay with being in-process.” – Paul Tellefsen

“I love this, but do I want to be remembered as a photographer? I don’t know if that’s what my life was supposed to be.” – Paul Tellefsen

“I can’t hold back letting me be me to the fullest extent.” – Paul Tellefsen

“It’s a common daily thing. You don’t have to be better, as you are today is good enough. You are good enough.” – Paul Tellefsen

“I would rather read one book fifty times than fifty books once.” – Paul Tellefsen

Time Markers

1:30 – YouTube Channel Announcement
6:00 – What Never Fails to Make Paul Smile
6:30 – Paul’s Dream Girl
11:00 – Deep Rooted Love For Music
16:30 – Words to Describe Paul
17:30 – Paul’s Origin Story
24:30 – Moving to San Diego
29:00 – How Living Alone Has Changed Paul
32:00 – How to Enjoy Life
38:00 – To Know Or Not to Know Your Enneagram
44:00 – Paul’s Creative Process
49:00 – The Story Behind Technopaul
51:00 – Exploring All Things Creative
55:30 – The Early Days Of Instagram
59:00 – Instagram Is Documentary
107:30 – How Social Media Has Changed
1:11:00 – Influencers Are Under Pressure
1:15:00 – Purpose + Generosity = Purposity USA
1:19:30 – Redeeming Social Media
1:22:30 – Interconnectedness in Life
1:31:30 – What Is Socality
1:37:30 – Kid Paul’s Dream Jobs
1:40:30 – Creating Able Creative House
1:56:00 – Word of the Year
1:58:30 – Paul’s Ted Talk Topics
159:00 – Daily Self Talk
2:00:00 – Books that Make An Impact
2:02:00 – Guilty Pleasures
2:03:00 – Cornerstone Habits
2:04:30 – Morning Text Reminder