In this brief episode, Thane shares his thoughts on a quote by Thomas Edison on success. By walking back in time through his life thus far, Thane illustrates the point that preparation is the one variable we are truly in control of.


“Success: when preparation meets opportunity.”  – Thomas Edison

“Spend less time worrying about the specific application of your preparation, and focus more on maximizing the present moment of each and every day.”  – Thane Ringler

“Preparation is the only variable that’s truly in our control. Preparation is the prized possession that unlocks the door to living in the possibility.”  – Thane Ringler

“Stop wasting time on what the future might hold. Start focusing on where you are now and how you can be prepared for the opportunities that are coming your way.”  – Thane Ringler

“Every step matters, be faithful.”  – Thane Ringler

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The Wizard of Menlo Park – Randall Stross

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1:00 – Housekeeping
2:00 – Introduction/Preface for Argument
4:30 – Narrative Illustration