In life, there are two realities of being a human. We are all: 1) in-process, and 2) on a spectrum. This means, we are all moving in a certain direction while at the same time being at different places on a spectrum within that process.

Knowing where you are in the process and where you are on the spectrum can be powerful catalysts for growing in self-awareness and reaching our full potential.

Tune in to hear Thane share more on this idea.

Show Notes:

Destination < Journey – Thane’s Blog Post
The Three Archetypes – Thane’s Blog Post

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“Being in process is really just moving from point A to point B. Growing from this reality into that. Moving from where we are now to where we want to be.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“It is definitely more of a lateral process. Moving across life, moving into what’s next.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“There is no final destination in life, ultimately that final destination we know is death. After death we stand before God.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Within life, we are in a process and that is the journey of life.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Where we find ourselves on that spectrum really stems from our natural pre-dispositions and the lived experiences that we’ve had thus far In life.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“The spectrum shows that In most places in life there’s two polar opposite realities that could both be true, and everyone is somewhere between those two forces.” Thane Marcus Ringler

“Life is dynamic. It is always moving, and shifting , and shaping, it’s very complex.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“It’s very hard to refine things to simplified forms and each moment within life is like a snapshot. It tells a story and the story that we see in that snapshot has two different dimensions to it, both the past and the future. Where we’ve been and where we’re going, and also where we’re at in that moment.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Empathy is trying can be seen as striving to understand where someone is at on their own process and on the spectrum within where they’re at in that process.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Integrity is a component that can be seen in how well you align your behaviors with what you communicate about yourself both to yourself and to others.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“The more we can understand where we are in the process and on the spectrum, we’ll be able to better align our behaviors with what we communicate to ourselves and to others about ourself.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“I think that if we can have a good understanding—for me, if I can see those things clearly and understand where I am in that process, it helps me better align both my expectations with reality,  and be prepared for that next step to take in that process.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“Moving from finding worth in what I do toward finding worth in who I am. These can be two different realties.” – Thane Marcus

“Man’s responsibility to god’s sovereignty, one of greatest tensions of faith.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“The point is, we will always be at some point on the spectrum. The goal should always be to find out what side of the fence we’re on, and then try to move more towards the middle, to move more away from that side that we’re on.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

“If we can see what process we’re in and where we are in that process, we’ll be better able and better equipped to move forward more effectively and more aligned in our expectations of what’s to come.” – Thane Marcus Ringler

Time Markers:

0:30 – Announcements
4:00 – Mental Model of Self Awareness
5:30 – What It Means to Be “In Process”
7:30 – We Are All On A Spectrum
10:00 – The Lateral & Linear Versions Of Life
12:00 – Questions to Ponder