For All Seasons is a Christian pop/worship band out of Southern California. The band is comprised of Emily Hamilton (lead vocals, guitars, keys), Johnny Hamilton (drums), Jeff Luckey (guitars, keys, vocals), and Randy Charlson (bass, guitars).

The guiding vision for their band is: “our ability to create music isn’t rooted in our circumstances or our emotions, our gifts or our talents. We worship, not because of how we feel or what we’re going through; we worship because of who God is. He has proven faithful time and time again, and so we continually choose to seek Him – in joy and in pain – in every season. Regarding their music, “it’s a sound that marries artfully-crafted lyrics with rock and modern pop. With vertically-slanted lyrics, the songs are born out of time spent with the Lord and real-life stories of the places where God has met the For All Seasons members.”

In this interview, Jeff, Johnny, and Emily unpack a lot. From how their band originated, to what worship means at its core, to balancing strategy with authenticity, to the challenges faced in being full-time musicians, and much much more. There is so much here, you are going to want to listen to the full two hours.

Be sure to check out their music on your favorite streaming platform, and get your stoke on for their new album dropping January of 2018!

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5:00 – Introductions
9:00 – Origin of band name: For All Seasons
13:00 – How the Band Met/Started
21:00 – Challenges Faced in Starting Band
26:10 – The Role Music Plays in Worship
30:30 – Goal / Category of the Band
37:20 – Balancing Strategy and Authenticity
46:30 – How to Maintain a Heart of Worship
58:45 – Current Season with the Band
1:06:10 – Band’s Writing Process
1:11:45 – The Dark Side of Being a Band
1:16:20 – Darkest/Lowest Moment for Band
1:26:30 – Music Role Models
1:31:20 – Being Married and in a Band
1:39:00 – Sanctification in Marriage
1:43:00 – One Instrument to Play if Stuck in Jail
1:45:20 – What Advice They’d Give to Their 22-Year-Old Self
1:48:30 – Who They Think of in Hearing the Word “Success”
1:54:45 – Morning Text Reminder to Millennials