For the past 12 years Shannon Hurley has been living as a missionary in Uganda with his family. He founded SOS – Sufficiency of Scriptures – Ministries in 2002 as a way to support mission work in a more tangible way. Four years after beginning SOS, Shannon, his wife, and six children all transplanted to Uganda to make it their new home.

Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries is a faith-based organization that exists solely for impacting the people of Uganda with the gospel. Its strategy for impact is sound Biblical teaching in God’s Word, prayer, and the sacrificial demonstration of Christ’s love.

In this interview, Shannon talks through what it means to live in the Kingdom and on mission for the King. He discusses some of the cultural differences between Uganda and America, and how giving his life towards mission work has changed and impacted him. You will get to here his unique background and how God brought him to his current role, as well as a helpful discussion on what “faith” really means.

This is a content-heavy episode that you may need to listen to a few times to soak it all in! To find out more on SOS ministries and how you can support Shannon, check out the links provided below.


“I think the hard part about that ‘Up & Coming’ stage is you actually realize that you are just like everybody else – just trying to be faithful.”  – Shannon Hurley

“I’m not the hero of my own story, rather it’s God is the hero of the story and at the end of the day I just had the joy of participating in it.”  – Shannon Hurley

“Living for Heaven is every day remembering the bigger picture – there’s a King on the throne and He finds joy when we love Him, and we find joy when we serve Him and obey Him. And life outside of obedience to Him is painful. So I want all people everywhere to know Him, follow Him, and enjoy Him.”  – Shannon Hurley

“I don’t think it’s us going and doing anything, it’s us being.”  – Shannon Hurley

“Don’t listen to the emotions of the moment, but put your hope in the truth for that day, for that moment.”  – Shannon Hurley

“The impact of life is being faithful in the right areas. And that’s how you become a ‘hero’.”  – Shannon Hurley

“The way to find true meaning and success wherever you are, is to do it the right way, as God intended it to be done, and not be looking for the greener grass on the other side of the fence.”  – Adam Setser

“God doesn’t expect more of us than where He has us. He has given us a mission where we are at, and it’s our job to be faithful with where we’re at.”  – Thane Ringler

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When Helping Hurts – Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
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Time Markers:

6:30 – How Shannon Defines Being an Up & Comer
8:00 – Brief Background and What Shannon is Currently Doing
9:45 – What “Living For Heaven” Means to Shannon
14:45 – Defining “Missions”
19:00 – What Drove Shannon to Become a Missionary in Africa
25:00 – Being Faithful
31:00 – Shannon’s Background / Early Years
42:45 – Effects of Business Success
44:45 – African vs. American Culture
53:30 – Shannon’s Move from Business to Missions
58:00 – Early Years in Africa
1:05:00 – Being “Lonely”
1:08:00 – Favorite Part of Living in Africa
1:10:15 – Misperceptions of Africa
1:13:15 – Shannon’s Vision for SOS
1:16:30 – How Shannon is Led by God
1:20:20 – What Shannon Would Do With Unlimited Funds
1:23:10 – What Advice Shannon Would Give Himself at 25
1:24:30 – Recurring Text Message Reminder to Millennials