This episode is a fun, three-way conversation with Adam, Thane, and Josiah Zimmerman. The main topic at hand is announcing the launch of the Up & Comers T-shirt, that will be dropping in the coming weeks. You are going to want to get your hands on at least one of these, as they are a limited edition production.

They also spend some time discussing JZ’s thought-process behind the logo design and branding work he’s produced for the show. Afterwards, each co-host gives their take on the importance and role of design in the world we live in.


“Really it’s a bold brand for a bold message, and a lively brand for a lively message too.”  – Josiah Zimmerman

“It’s a rallying motto for a lot of us because being an “Up & Comer” is something that: a) we all relate to, and b) something that we all want to be. It shows that you’re moving towards something, that you’re growing, that you’re progressing, that you’re striving and failing and succeeding in different ways. And that’s an honorable pursuit.”  – Thane Ringler

“The striving is an honorable thing.”  – Thane Ringler

“It’s interesting how discipling and influential design and aesthetics can be.”  – Adam Setser

“It’s so important for us to build this, going forward, on the back of beauty rather than preaching.”  – Adam Setser

“It’s really been an eye-opening vision into the gospel – to understand that [design] actually matters.”  – Josiah Zimmerman

“The end goal is – you want to say something to the person that’s seeing it. And hopefully, whatever you say to them will be accurate to what they are digging into. That’s really the goal behind design, is to accurately communicate with the audience.”  – Josiah Zimmerman

Show Notes:

Cotton Bureau
Josiah’s Design Website
Josiah on Instagram
Josiah on Dribble

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1:20 – Adam’s First Time in Kansas
2:30 – Announcement on U&C T-Shirt
5:00 – Further Info on Cotton Bureau
8:20 – “Official” Addition of JZ to the U&C Team
9:30 – JZ’s Thought Process Behind U&C Brand
12:45 – Importance/Role of Design in All Parts of Life and Business
18:00 – JZ’s Thoughts on the Role of Design
19:45 – Final Thoughts