On Monday, April 23, 2018, Elisabeth (Lizzie) Effinger went to be with the Lord. She passed from life to death, and back to life to forever be free from pain and suffering in Heaven.

Having the chance to record a conversation with her a year ago was an incredible privilege and we are eternally grateful for that blessing. To honor her and the amazing life of faith that she displayed, we wanted to share a tribute to how she impacted our lives and to display the hope that we share in Christ.


“She was so empathetic to me, and I felt like she was the first person I’d talked to who cared.”  – Adam Setser

“What other areas of my life would I want to change in light of [her passing]?”  – Thane Ringler

“I truly felt incredibly encouraged but also chastised by her ability to be so consistent.”  – Adam Setser

“That’s one of the more separating distinctives of her, just how humble she was even in all that she communicated.”  – Thane Ringler

“She just had this glow – this angelic glow to her, that is so supernatural considering her circumstances and her life.”  – Thane Ringler

“Remember, remember, remember – that you came from dust and to dust you will return.”  – Adam Setser

“Making all things new is what God will do, and He has done it with her already, and she’s at the finish-line waving at us and I cannot wait to get there.”  – Adam Setser

“What Lizzie has incredibly smashed into my heart is that: the goal of life is to live a life of faith, and the moment that I start to reason is the moment I step away from faith.”  – Adam Setser

“I know she would want us to have joy for her in this time.”  – Thane Ringler

“Joy and humility I think, were the things that you see so vividly in her.”  – Thane Ringler

“I really want to get better in caring for people who are suffering.”  – Thane Ringler

“One of the points that she would want to be said, I think, is that: healthy people should seek out those who are suffering in order to learn from them.”  – Adam Setser

“Be thankful and think about others, it’s as simple as that.”  – Thane Ringler

Show Notes

Lizzie’s Interview
Chemo Chronicles
Lizzie’s Instagram
For the Glory – Duncan Hamilton
Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand


1:00 – Intro to Lizzie
8:30 – What We Saw in Lizzie
16:30 – Personal Impact Lizzie Had On Us
25:00 – Closing Tribute