Wes Litton is a fellow Up & Comer living in Springfield, Missouri with his wife and their beautiful daughter. After graduating from The Master’s University with Thane and Adam, Wes moved to Springfield to start his career there.

From Banking, to Sales, to Retail, to Real Estate, Wes has had a diverse and varied career-path in the five years since. He currently runs his Real Estate business through Keller Williams, where he has also launched a Real Estate Investment group with his partner Josh Keatts. In addition, Wes also has investment property and is developing a new career-path in coaching and personal development.

In this conversation Thane and Wes cover an array of topics, all the way from spiritual sensitivity to scaling businesses. It is a very practical conversation and you are guaranteed to walk away with some tips and tricks to use in thinking through your own career-path and businesses.


“There’s a difference between a spiritual life and a Spirit-led life.”  – Wes Litton

“In order to be Spirit-led you have to be Spirit-filled, and that’s the spiritual disciplines. It’s an active not a passive pursuit.”  – Thane Ringler

“Where He (God) has you is where He’s called you.”  – Wes Litton

“God has you where He has you and He expects the best out of you.”  – Wes Litton

“Our primary calling is to be faithful in the life God has given us.”  – Thane Ringler

“If the Lord’s called you to it, there’s no reason to have any ounce of laziness in you regarding whatever that calling is.”  – Wes Litton

“If I could label the Midwest – these people are resilient. They don’t give up, they aren’t as emotional, they really value community and family, and they use community and family to grind.”  – Wes Litton

“Wherever you’re at, as long as the Lord’s calling you there, He will either provide it or bless it. And it doesn’t always look like success.”  – Wes Litton

“God’s not going to do anything that He can’t handle.”  – Wes Litton

“Find where you thrive and are called to go, and that’s where you should be.”  – Wes Litton

“If it can be delegated, it should be.”  – Wes Litton

“From knowledge to action sometimes takes coaching.”  – Wes Litton

“Until we’re forced to get help, we’re not going to be seeking the help that we should. And until we force accountability on ourselves, we’re probably not going to follow through with what we want to do.”  – Thane Ringler

“It’s really easy for us to look in hindsight and talk about any of these things with confidence, but in the moment it’s always harder to act when we haven’t done it before. And it always takes more time than we want it to.”  – Thane Ringler

“Coaching is the opportunity to take what I’ve learned and give back. Taking people from entrepreneurial to purposeful so that they can develop great businesses and change their lives – that’s it.”  – Wes Litton

“Time-block your 20% today.”  – Wes Litton

“It’s not ever an overnight endeavor.”  – Thane Ringler

Show Notes

Life in the Silicon Prairie – The Hustle (Midwest Article)
Litton Keats Real Estate
The Dip – Seth Godin

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6:00 – Context for Thane and Wes’s Friendship
11:30 – Wes’s Current Season of Life
14:30 – Spiritual Sensitivity
17:30 – Primary vs. Secondary Callings
22:30 – Cultural Influences
29:30 – Wes’s Cultural Experiences
41:30 – Wes’s Career Path Thus Far
51:30 – Scaling Businesses
1:10:00 – Thoughts on Coaching
1:12:30 – Morning Text Reminder